Adventureman is at it Again!

Unbelievable!  Jamie McDonald, Adventureman, is off and running again!  Well, this time he isn’t exactly “off”…in fact, he’s very much “on.”    ON a treadmill that is.  Running on a treadmill for seven straight days to attempt to break the 517 mile world record.  Roughly the equivalent of three marathons with only 90 minutes per day off treadmill.  WHAT?
You can watch the live stream of all the fun at the YouTube link below.
PLEASE consider donating if you have yet to do so.  Jamie feels super connected to Gloucester, Ma and it would be great to continue showing our support!
The two links below will help you learn all about the Superhero Foundation, Jamie’s efforts, who is “Adventureman” and so much more!
Watch live as I attempt to break the world record for the greatest distance covered on a treadmill in 7 days! The record is 517 miles which is the equivalent of 3 marathons a day. Find out more about me at and, more importantly, donate to help sick kids at…



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