GloucesterCast 288 With Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Susan Lipsett, Nichole Schrafft, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/15/18


GloucesterCast 288 With Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Susan Lipsett, Nichole Schrafft, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/15/18


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Topics Include:

Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Susan Lipsett Comes Bearing Hazelnut Snails

Blanton’s Bourbon Decanter

Update on Lights on Main Street after last night’s Block Party/speaking with Ken Hecht
Jim’s happy about new Advanced Auto Parts store coming to town
Rocky Neck was rocking last Wednesday on the Neck–looking forward to the next one in August.
Susan Lipsett’s Son Recommended The Most Comfortable Lifestye Sneaker New Balance Men’s Coast V3– I have wide feet and these are light/ventilated and super comfortable. Thank You

If you haven’t booked on the Bourbon/Cigar Schooner Sail for Friday night July 27th I expect it to sell out pretty quickly.   We had a great time (as always) on the sold out in less than 24 hours Ryan and Wood Distillery /Plus 90 Cigars Sail Aboard The Schooner Thomas E Lannon this past Thursday.

You can book the Bourbon Cigar Sail here-

Sea Cadet meet and Greet For Interested families August 26th 10:00AM

Music At The Beach In Rockport With Satch Kerans

Cape Ann Motor Inn Doing Great Things

Kate’s lobster salad gets a pass

Soccer gets no respect in the US



The Most Comfortable Lifestyle Sneaker- New Balance Coast V3

Susan Lipsett’s Son Recommended The Most Comfortable Lifestye Sneaker New Balance Men’s Coast V3

I have wide feet and these are light/ventilated and super comfortable.   We had a converstaion the other day about me having a tough time finding comfortable sneakers and Susan’s son told me that these sneakers are the only ones he will wear because they run wide but also so lightweight, and it’s really like you’re wearing slippers. 

They are listed as running shoes, but I would really more recommend them for an everyday walking sneaker to pair with shorts, jeans or chinos.

I went to Mark Adrian’s but they told me they couldn’t order them.  Catherine Ryan went to get sneakers for her boys at the New Balance factory and picked me up a pair.  They are the same price at the factory store as they are on Amazon- purchase here



Dear Readers,

Last Tuesday we sent our letter to Mayor Sefatia and the City Councilors with a short list of recommendations, based on the past three years of daily Piping Plover monitoring by myself and our core group of volunteer monitors. We purposefully kept the recommendations modest out of consideration to both the Piping Plovers and to our Good Harbor beach going community. Please find below the recommendations suggested by the Piping Plover volunteer monitors.

July 9, 2018

Dear Mayor Romeo Theken and Gloucester City Councilors,

We, the Piping Plover volunteer monitors, are submitting our short list of recommendations regarding the Piping Plovers nesting at Good Harbor Beach. Our goal is to have in place by next April 1, 2019, measures and ordinances that will greatly increase the likelihood that the hatchlings of this tiny threatened shorebird will have a fighting chance at surviving life on Good Harbor Beach.

Piping Plovers began nesting at Good Harbor Beach in 2016. Each year, the PiPl are coming earlier and earlier. In 2016, they arrived mid-May, in 2017 they arrived at the beginning of May, and this year, they arrived on April 3. It would appear that the same pair is returning to Good Harbor Beach, as the male marks his territory and attempts to build a nest scrape only several feet from the previous year’s nest (at Boardwalk #3 nesting area). More Plovers than ever were seen at Good Harbor Beach this spring, and if not for constant interruptions in the Boardwalk #1 nesting area, we would have had two pairs nesting on the beach.

Why are the birds arriving earlier and earlier? We can presume that the pair are more experienced travelers and that Good Harbor Beach is their “territory.” Does this mean we will eventually have dozens of pairs nesting on Good Harbor Beach? No, because the PiPl are very territorial and they will defend a fairly large area, preventing other PiPl from nesting in their site.

This year the PiPl pair hatched four chicks. All four chicks were killed by crows, gulls, and dogs. All three are human-created issues, and all three can be remedied. The following are the four recommendations and actions we wish to see take place.


1) Change the dog ordinance to not allow dogs on the beach after March 31.

Currently, dogs are allowed on the beach from October 1 to May 1. The Piping Plover volunteer monitor core group, Dave Rimmer from Greenbelt, Ken Whittaker, and Mass Wildlife’s John Regosin, all agree that dogs should not be allowed on Good Harbor Beach beginning April 1, but that it would be safe for Piping Plover fledglings and other migrating shorebirds for dogs to return after September 15.

This new suggested time frame will allow birds to nest on the beach (as opposed to in the parking lot), with far less interruption, shorebirds will nest earlier in the season, which will help with the chicks survival rate, and the chicks will be stronger by the time Good Harbor fills with summer crowds.

This is a very logical and simple solution. Disallowing dogs on Massachusetts coastal beaches where shorebirds are nesting, beginning April 1, is the norm. Allowing them to return after September 15, and in many cases after September 30, is also very common. For Piping Plovers and other nesting shorebirds, protecting their habitat and sharing the shore is a matter of life and death.

2) Rope off the nesting area by April 1.

Poles, with threatened species signs, and a triple row of roping of nesting sites, to be in place no later than April 1. Essex County Greenbelt’s Dave Rimmer will assist with this measure.

3) Enforce the existing ordinances regarding dogs (and littering) at all times throughout the year.

Only enforcing dog ordinances at Good Harbor Beach during nesting season is creating hostility toward the Piping Plovers.

Additionally, we do not recommend extremely high fines as we feel that may become an impediment to issuing and collecting the fines. We know of at least one example where the magistrate dismissed the tickets issued to a woman who claimed to have a service dog. This woman was running rampant on the beach and throughout dunes with her service dog off leash throughout the entire time the PiPl were nesting, from April through May. Despite the fact that former dog officer Diane Corliss caught the woman on camera with her dog off leash on the beach, and in the dunes, all her tickets that were issued by the animal control officer were dismissed. This is neither fair to the officers who are working hard to keep the dogs off the beach or to the plover volunteers who are spending inordinate amounts of time trying to keep the PiPl safe.

4). Increase trash collection.

When no barrels are placed at the entrances to the beach, people dump bags of trash there anyway. When barrels are in place, people put trash in the barrels however, when the barrels become full, they again resort to leaving bags of trash behind, only next to the barrels. In either scenario, gulls and crows are attracted to the trash. Both gulls and crows rip open the bags and the trash is blown throughout the parking lot and marsh, soon finding its way onto the beach and into the ocean. Hungry gulls and crows waiting for people to leave their trash behind eat tiny shorebirds.

A friend who lives on a North Carolina beach shares how her community keeps their public beaches looking pristine. Not only do they have barrels, but every few weeks, police patrol the beach and hand out fines for littering. This is taken as a wake up call, everyone is good for a bit of time, but then become slack about littering again. Out come the officers for another round of ticketing.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our recommendations.

Sincerely yours,

Kim Smith

cc Paul Lundberg, Steven LeBlanc, Val Gilmam, Ken Hecht, Melissa Cox, Jen Holmgren, Scott Memhard, Sean Nolan, Jamie O’Hara, Dave Rimmer, Ken Whitakker

Piping Plover chicks coming in for some snuggles.

S for Victory! Stopper Story


I was intrigued by a Blanton’s Bourbon bottle with stopper that I saw at Main Street Art & Antiques recently so I did a little research.  I learned that a series of 8 bottle stoppers has been produced in a nod to Blanton’s Kentucky heritage. Each of the 8 stoppers depicts a race horse and jockey in various stages of a race. Each contains a letter (B-L-A-N-T-O-N-S). I was quite charmed by the story (click link above if you are interested. Image above borrowed from same site) and took myself back down to the shop to select one of the three available. Just had to bring home S for victory!


This Wednesday’s dinner cruise features Chef Matt O’Neil of Ledger in Salem!



Seaport Friends – did you attend Chefs at Sea this past Wednesday? If not, you haven’t missed you chance! Get your tickets for this Wednesday’s dinner cruise featuring the North Shore’s own Chef Matt O’Neil of Ledger in Salem! Visit to get your tickets today! #chefsatseaboston

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