Snow Goose in the Sea Smoke

Early this morning while out filming Cape Ann Lighthouses in the sea smoke, far off shore there was a Snow Goose bobbing about in the frigid waters.

Look for Snow Geese on the shore and in the water. Their feathers are white, tipped black at the outer edges, with a gray band above the black tips. Both their bills and feet are pink. There is also a dark morph, commonly referred to as the ‘Blue Goose.’

Thanks to Lyn Fonzo who last week sent a snapshot of a white goose feeding amongst the Canada Geese. She was wondering what bird. I thought it was a juvenile Snow Goose and the sighting today confirms that yes, we have (at least) one Snow Goose on our shores!


      1. The weather patterns all the way around have been strange even this way. Right now across America cold front even in places like Dallas TX…Think there may be some rethinking of the polar plunge this year? Iced up from what I have seen here on GMG in many places like coves and harbors, Mill river Etc. Happy New Year to you and family entire team GMG, and community we move to 2018 tonight! We got rain and snow last night…Birds our way have been quiet with some movements….The hardy folks that way have dealt with these winters before and watching mother earth and the animals tells a big part of the story clues! Dave & Kim


    1. The Snow Goose was swimming vey vigorously, so perhaps it only needs food and rest. Sure looks like a first hatch year and it was all alone. I hope it meets up with the Snow Geese being reported on Nantucket and in other parts of the state. 🙂

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