The Niles Pond Young Swan, rescued by Lyn Fonzo and Dan Harris on Friday, was taken to SeaPort Veterinary Hospital Saturday morning for a wellness checkup and because it is thought she may have contracted round worm at the shelter from where she originated. Dr. Cahill gave her a complete physical, checking on wings, feet, degree of fat on her bones, took an xray, and drew blood for a blood work up. His assistant also plucked a few feathers to send off to a lab to determine the sex of the young Mute Swan. It will take several weeks for the results of the tests, but based on Dr. Cahill’s visual assessment, she appears to be in excellent health!!

Swans can become very defensive when they feel threatened however, the Young Swan has a relatively speaking mild temperament. Lyn and Dan handled her with lots of tender care and caution and no one was bit during during transport and during the exam.

While we were at the vets, Joel Murnroe, one of Mr. Swan’s loyal caregivers and a fine carpenter, was back at Lyn’s home modifying Lyn’s chicken coop, with a larger entryway door and swan-sized rebuilt ramp.

The Young Swan has had an eventful and productive first day in captivity. With much gratitude and thanks to Lyn for taking on the tremendous responsibility of caring for a wild swan for the winter. Our hope is that the Young Swan is a she, and that she will be re-released to Niles Pond this coming spring.

1) Lyn Fonzo and Dan Harris, 2) Joel Munroe, 3) Dan Harris and the Young Swan

Give the Gifts of Cape Ann!

Stop by the Chamber of Commerce this coming week and pick up a Cape Ann Gift Certificate, there are over 200 places they can be used on Cape Ann.  Gift Certificates are also available at both Shaw’s in Gloucester and Tuck’s in Rockport.

In addition this year you can give someone the gift of a Cape Ann License Plate.  The Chamber provides  the gift card with all the details you just add the $40.00.  The process is simply, you do it all on line and the plate is mailed right to your home.  Everytime they look at that plate they’ll think of you and be supporting non-profits on Cape Ann.  So why not step up to the plate and show your Cape Ann love!

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Tin Star Award

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Not the Amazon Show, by the way……. this tin star is awarded to our captain Joey Ciaramitaro along with congratulations for a VERY successful decade of posting his views of life on the dock.

I am not sure when I first became aware of Good Morning Gloucester, but it was pretty early in its history.  Immediately it became a favorite in my Bookmarks.  It was humorous, irreverent and timely and it kept me up-to-date from afar.  It seemed to reflect the Gloucester I’d come to know.

As time went on, the blog grew and adjusted to the readers.  Not as irreverent but still humorous and timely.  Contributors were added; some have come and gone.  The technology has advanced and the posts right along with these developments.  Like the tin that marks 10 year anniversaries, it is durable and reliable.

I  would like to thank Joey for his hours and hours of investment into the blog and the city’s promotion.  I am very pleased to be a contributor to the blog, which emphasizes the good news that needs to be shared.  When I described this to a non-FOB sister, she said “So he’s Ellen for Gloucester.”  I nodded.

Thank you and congratulations.  Here’s to 10 more!