Lyn set up a tub in the Young Swan’s winter home. It’s quite nice, and she loves it. Her first order of business was to wash her neck, and then she jumped in!

If you would like to help with the expense of taking care of the Young Swan this winter, please send a check (tax deductible) to:

Cape Ann Wildlife

P.O Box 405

Essex, Massachusetts 01929

Or you can donate online at: http://www.caw2.org/

Be sure to include in the memo that your donation is for the Young Swan.

Thank you!

Lyn Fonzo Photo


Duckworth’s was hopping this morning as customers were picking up their beautiful Christmas cakes, all handmade by Nicole. This year, instead of little meringue mice scampering around the yule log, are chubby carmel nut turtles basking!

Nicole Duckworth Bûche de Noël

Alicia Unleashed Live – Shut the F Up


Recorded with B-side 12/24

Happy Dirty 30 to our own Kyle Danikas! Alicia’s falling down all over the place. She explains how she limbo rocked and went slip sliding away yesterday during the Ice Storm.

Alicia talks about her Gift giving to B-Side dilema. Gift exchanging.

We discuss our plans for NYE, also want to give a local shoutout to Closet Case’s: NYE ODD BALL at 9 Wallis, Beverly 7:30pm. (Link below).

Slight blind item of introduction of Mr. A.
Treetop Yoga NYE 5-6:45pm

Cape Ann Big Band Christmas concert in the mood big time at O’Maley

All the Cape Ann Big Band Holiday Swing concert musicians, the special guest vocalists, and the O’Maley school Band students were remarkable. And that cheery festive set was amazing– great job setting the vibe: Doreen Wonson, Kim Sayess, AnnaLee Meezes, True Sayess, and Carlos Menenzes Sr! Little sound snippet video captured below.

Cape Ann Big Band at O'Maley Gloucester MA holiday stage

Christmas Eve Sunrise, Chapins Gully, 7:10:55 AM

About five minutes before sunrise.

How hard is it to know exactly to the second when the sunrise occurs? You would think one click on the internet would do it but a few things make it slightly harder. The calculation has to know exactly where you are on earth. It also needs to know your elevation and the elevation of the horizon. All three are pretty easy here on Cape Ann. You don’t have to be within the foot, just a decent guess.

So if I am standing about 30 feet above the water and the sunrise is on the water, boom, 2/3rds done. Then you go to Sunrise Tools at this website and do some clicking. You can have a free account so once you have your favorite locations saved it’s easy.

Today, the sunrise was at 7:10:55 AM and tomorrow it will be 22 seconds later at 07:11:17 AM. Most internet calculators will round that off so that both happen at 7:11 AM. But if you want to see the green flash in the morning you need precision to the second.

That way I could figure out that my phone died precisely eleven seconds before sunrise.

Sunrise tools

Mystic Aquarium

If you haven’t had a  chance to visit an aquarium, perhaps it’s worth consideration taking an opportunity to see fish and aquatic life from a different perspective than what you might get around town.  These are from Mystic Aquarium which isn’t a long drive from Gloucester.  I loved the colors and textures.  Nothing against the wonderful New England Aquarium…I just don’t have lovely pictures from there recently.  It’s on the bucket list, along with the Georgia Aquarium.