Winter Solstice Anal Emma and more

David Cox got after me at the Christmas party I was not posting enough and goodness, a month has practically gone by since my last photo. So instead of posting my annual analemma shot for Winter Solstice, and wish everyone a Happy Festivus, I’ll post some pics from the other end of the analemma. When Thacher Island is a hot paddle in July.

No kayaking today!
Six lighthouses on Cape Ann to choose from but these two are my favorite.
If you ever played the Computer game Myst popular in 1993 you know that the Miller brothers had to have visited Thacher Island.
Except in Myst, there were zip lines between the lighthouses. Rockport should install them.
Rubber Duck wanted to say hello to the sixty seagulls lining the rail. Only Homie stuck around.
Me: “What rhymes with orange.” Rubber Duck: “No it doesn’t.”

I quack myself up. OK, I’ll stick to photos. Here is the analemma. Today on the winter sostice we are the yellow ball. The blue ball of course denotes when certain people who do not chicken out jump into Gloucester Harbor.

The meteorological start of Spring, March First, is only seventy days away. (And Mother’s Day, the day we catch the first striper, is 143 days away.)
Happy Festivus one and all. (Now help me up bro, my knee!)

2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Anal Emma and more

    1. Sundials! Yes! That’s where it starts. Short answer: The analemma is the figure eight.

      Moderately short answer: If you picked a time, say sunrise at 7:09 AM (which is the today’s sunrise) and set your camera up and took a picture of the sun at exactly 7:09 AM for an entire year you would end up with an analemma. The one you just made would be a figure eight just like the one in my picture but the bottom would just scrape the horizon at winter solstice then climb into the sky every day bit by bit to make the figure eight.

      Longer explanation: The one you made in Gloucester would be different from anywhere else because we are at 42 degree latitude. If you were on the equator the figure eight would have no tilt and sit there like a Snowman. As you move north it tilts until all hell breaks out at the arctic circle because the sun never sets. In the summer.


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