GloucesterCast 225 with Karen Pischke and Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast 225 with Karen Pischke and Joey Ciaramitaro

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5 thoughts on “GloucesterCast 225 with Karen Pischke and Joey Ciaramitaro

  1. Very nice podcast I enjoyed it while going through the blog! In 1980 I spent 60 days out there on a TDY Fort Huachuca Sierra Vista, flew in from Macon to Atlanta GA-Tucson then drove a rental had for 60 days to Tucson. The hours were great too very hot dry heat got to go to Bisbee and tombstone lots to do too!

    I did have one painful encounter with a scorpion (My fault and I know better) Ouch at a very popular night spot, never lay you arm across a wall while enjoying the night views without looking hard to see in the dark this scorpion and don’t blame the insect defense in nature…Painful and some swelling but everything was ok lesson leaned the hard way!

    Oh the scorpion scrambled away into the darkness to continue on!

    ASU Source: The venom in a scorpion’s stinger is the same all through a scorpion’s life. Perhaps the biggest myth is that all scorpions are deadly, and this is totally wrong. Only a very few scorpions are potentially dangerous to people. Of the 1,500 known scorpion species only 25 have a sting potent enough to be considered potentially dangerous to humans. Only one lives in the United States. The most dangerous scorpion in Arizona is the bark scorpion,( Centruroides sculpturatus.)

    Dave 🙂

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    1. Sorry, be remiss here, what a great gift the Weber and so kind of all involved always thinking of others! I hit post too soon thanks to you both made my day! 🙂 Dave

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    2. Sounds like an interesting trip you had. While I thought to ‘look out’ for rattle snakes, I wasn’t really looking out for scorpions. Glad I didn’t come across either. 🙂


  2. Thanks Dave! You’ve been a great FOB for a long time! What’s your favorite BBQ restaurant? I remember going to the Weber Grill restaurant when they first they opened and many times since, but I never noticed their ‘museum’ of grills before. I saved that for Joey to film when he goes; he will love it there and will do a much better job of filming. 😉


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