Three Kids Are Either Going To Be Institutionalized Or Excited Beyond Words Fifteen Minutes From Now At 3AM

My daughters have been begging to go someplace warm for school vacation for the past three years and I’d been unable to do so.  My Kate’s son has never been on a plane.  All three expect that we are going to Boston for a staycation and while they wouldn’t admit it I can sense their disappointment thinking they aren’t going anyplace warm.

Thing is we did book flights to Florida and they have no idea.

As I type this at 2:51 AM the morning of Good Friday we are about to hook up my cell phone to the huge karaoke speaker and place it in the hallway outside their bedrooms where we will blast this audio mashup I pre-recorded.

Have a listen and imagine what it about to go down when they are woken from their sleep to this-

17 thoughts on “Three Kids Are Either Going To Be Institutionalized Or Excited Beyond Words Fifteen Minutes From Now At 3AM

  1. Oh my goodness! The beginning is like an air raid drill from when I was a kid! That is CRAZY! I bet it was epic. Hope you have a great time! Happy Easter- one your kids will never forget!


  2. Ha! Ha! Those poor kids will be so excited once their hearts go back inside chest! That would scare the crap out of me! Have a great time!


  3. You’re going to miss the Homie and Rubber Duck Anniversary on April 18? Don’t worry boss we have wall to wall coverage planned.
    April 18, 20011.
    Can you believe that before that date you thought a rubber duck was just a bath toy? :-O

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  4. Rubber Duck is relieved that all of the Ducknappers will be out of state. She only needs to keep a rubbery eye on Craig Kimberly and his chainsaws.


    1. Only joking here!

      Ducky Knapping hmm….maybe here under Mass Sentencing? Yes 1 c. 131 s. 19A c. 131 s. 90 WILD ANIMAL IMPORT VIOLATION c. 131 s. 19A
      Misdemeanor. 6 months….Nothing on Ducky-nappers? But strapped down may be a traffic violation unlawful ridding? 🙂

      DECEMBER 2015 Wow 162 pages (PDF)….

      Dave :-O


  5. We heard the Alarms at our house… we got up and got dressed but the driver never picked us up!😂 You pulled that off perfectly! Priceless


    1. How funny! They will tell their kids about this one!! Welcome to Florida, it’s nice and warm down here! Have a terrific vacation!


  6. Have a great time together there! Classic Idea to wake them I had flashbacks to the Claxton in our drills but we were quite as happy the location or Inspector General recall! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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