Live Blues A Lil Mo! Mr. Sipp!!!!!!!

Mr. Sipp and his band are destroying Stage Fort right now at the 5th Annual Blues Festival! Mr. Supp & Rick Ross? Dude is a boss on bass!



Just wow

The Blues Artist of the year FYI!

And you may have mist this?

And if you wanna get close…

Real close

Mr. Sipp from Mississippi comes to you!

Stormz a brewin’ down here folks!

You can’t feel that?

|Squeeze dat damn thang Sipp!!!

Fat Tuna Brings in a Pretty Fat Tuna

The 2nd fish in at this year’s Bluefin Blowout was landed by Fat Tuna!  Congratulations.

A beautiful fish weighing in at 412 pounds was just a little too small to take the lead from Shark Bait….and was soon outweighed by the Miss Fern’s 536 pound fish that hit the dock just 15 minutes later.  Good showing though!

LIVE BLUES BABY!! You should be here now!

Slam Allen is simply killing it! And the he does Purple Rain? ! Whaaat!

Sean Chambers just caught Stage Fort on fire at the 5th Annual Gloucester Blues Festival! You still have time, 4hrs of awesomeness to go!! Get here now!

Just awesome

Sean enters the crowd

And he’s killing us!

James bought me an epic b-day jam today!

Yep, we like hats biyatch!


Don’t delay! Tickets go fast, hurry up and get yours now! 

Beauty and the Beast runs from Tuesday August 9th through Sunday August 14th at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at the Annisquam Exchange or the Annisquam Village Players website here.

image2 (1)

Bluefin Blowout: Bidding, Free Samples, Music, and Fun Under the Tent. Now.

At least two fish on their way in, but even before that happens there is a lot of fun to be had down here at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort and the Bluefin Blowout.  The bar is open for business, some vendors are in the house, and the silent auction is bursting with fantastic items!  Tonno is serving up samples….and Lyon-Waugh has some sweet vehicles on display. Scottie Mac is playing some great music and the anticipation is building.

Bluefin Blowout



Litter! Drugs! 1978 at the Quarries


Did you read Ray Lamont’s article  Crackdown at the Quarries from Gloucester Daily Times? That is now and that was then. A few choice excerpts from an August 5, 1978 article by  Henry F Billings published in the North Shore Magazine insert of the Gloucester Daily Times.

The water is oil-slicked in places and the litter is out of control everywhere. There is obviously no one responsible for cleaning up the area. Apparently the people who use the area are making no effort to tidy up.

The litter ranges from beer bottles of now defunct breweries to yesterday’s Big Mac container to last Saturday night’s underwear. Careful collection of all the broken glass in the area would provide all the churches of the United States with enough material to make their own stained glass windows for the next millennium.

The persistent will not be deterred by this eyesore. they will follow the path that leads around to the left.

A  few steps beyond the first quarry is a second, much cleaner, one. Although there still is enough litter to keep a DPW crew busy for a week, this quarry does offer the bather a salubrious haven from the burdens of the world. 

Nude bathing adds a dash of spice to an already adventurous day of swimming…

And, if your sense of smell is weak then the acid rock punctuating the air is a dead giveaway. The message is clear: “come on , he’s got cocaine and morphine too…rocketships to get you high…

The first quarry is particularly renown as an automobile burial ground. No doubt a ‘stolen car’ or two has found its way to the murky depths. That would help account for the thick, localized oil slicks which are the legacy of a quick insurance claim. This explanation is given additional credence by a bit of graffiti on a cliff at the second quarry, “Park Cars Here” with an arrow pointing down. One of the stranger stories is the one about a man who dove from a high cliff only to be skewered by a car antenna. This improbable tale has produced an additional piece of graffiti, “Dean Man’s Cliff.” All of this lends an air of fascination to the place.

So if you can shield your eyes from the thoughtless refuse of others and are a strong adventurous swimmer with a disdain for crowds, then maybe a day at the Annisquam quarry is for you…

When a region as popular and crowded as the North Shore is during the summer, it may seem strange to talk of obscure swimming areas. In truth, there aren’t many left.

And those that we have are manifestly flawed. If you want guaranteed safety, clean water and privies with toilet paper, then you better stay with established areas…

photo caption: Quarries were not designed with swimming safety in mind

PIGEON COVE FERMENTS OPENS IT’S DOORS! Free Beer and samples tonight!

Last night I got the chance to sample the absolute best sauerkraut I’ve ever tasted, no doubt! After talking with Kristin and Dylan Lindquist, the owners and creators, you quickly realize how much passion and excitement has gone into creating this very unique product right here in Cape Ann. It’s small batches, hand made, locally sourced, and damn tasty. What’s not to love?  For more on their story please go to their new website  and have a look, or like them on Facebook.

Meanwhile, plan on going down to see them for free beer and samples tonight Aug.6th from 5:30 until @ 10 Blackburn Center, Gloucester Ma 01930. 

With 4 flavors for sale, and another on the way, you will not be disappointed!  TRUST ME!

Triple the Mass. Sales Tax Savings At landry and Arcari- August 9 to 13

Triple the Mass. Sales Tax Savings – August 9 to 13

Triple the Mass. Sales Tax Savings, August 9 - 13.

Remember the Mass. tax-free weekend? Well, it’s not happening this year. But Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting refuses to let you down! Shop August 9th thru August 13th, and Landry & Arcari will discount your purchase TRIPLE the amount of the Massachusetts sales tax! That’s right, save TRIPLE the Mass. sales tax on all of our handmade rugs and select carpeting in our Salem, Framingham and Boston showrooms. So enjoy triple the sales tax savings on the finest rugs in New England August 9th thru August 13th!

Consumers purchasing at any of our three showroom locations (Salem, Framingham, and Boston MA) will receive an 18.75% promotional discount on their handmade rugs and select carpeting subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Offer not available on labor and/or installation charges.
  • Orders must be paid in full when the order is written to qualify for the 18.75% promotional discount.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, including the Karastan SmartStrand All-Pet Protection and Warranty Rebate.
  • Offer cannot be used on previous sales, redeemed for cash, and has no cash value.
  • Sarkin Rugs are not included