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Emerson Inn and Pigeon Cove Tavern are now hiring!  If you’re looking for a fun, energetic place to work with potential growth opportunity, then this is the place for you.  We’re now reviewing applications for Servers, Hosts, Dishwashers, Front Desk Associates and Housekeepers.  Both full-time and part-time hours available.  To apply, please fill out an application on our site (http://emersoninnbythesea.com/employment.html) or come visit us at 1 Cathedral Ave. in Rockport to fill out an application in person.  We hope to speak to you soon!


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Do any of our dear readers have a Paper Birch tree with some low hanging branches that I could cut? The branches need to be low enough for me to reach with a pair of pruners. Don’t worry, it won’t harm the tree. The foliage is needed for our ginormous and still growing Cecropia Moth caterpillars. Please leave a comment in the comment section or feel free to email me at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com. Thank you!

Birch tree Niles Pond moonlight copyright Kim Smith

Paper Birch in the moonlight Niles Pond



Male female Osprey copyright Kim SmithThis morning I had the joy to meet Don and Eleanor. Don built the fantastic Osprey platform that you see in the photos. Several years ago, Don noticed that an Osprey pair were trying to construct a nest on a post by the train tracks; the post that houses the all important train signals. Understandably, railroad workers had to destroy the nest as it was interfering with train operations. After watching the Osprey pair attempt to build a nest two years in a row, Don decided to build and install an Osprey platform in the marsh adjacent to his home. With some advice from Greenbelt, Don installed the platform early this spring. Wonder of wonders, his plan worked! The young pair built a perfect nest and one egg hatched.Male female Osprey -3 copyright Kim Smith

If the mated pair survives the winter migration, upon their return, they will repair and add to their existing nest. And if the young fledgling also survives it too will most likely return to the region. Thanks to citizen scientists like Don and Eleanor and the Essex County Greenbelt’s amazing Osprey program, the north of Boston region is rapidly being repopulated with Opsrey. Don is already building a second platform with hopes of installing it in the spring of 2017.Male Female Osprey -4 copyright Kim Smith

Don reports that since the Osprey have been on the scene, they are no longer bothered by pesky crows. He witnessed a pair of crows trying to rob the Osprey nest of its egg. The Osprey swooped in, snatched both crows, and beat them down into the marsh. The crows have yet to return!

Many thanks to Don and Eleanor for their warm hospitality and efforts to help the Osprey.Osprey and fledgling Annisquam Essex County -1 copyright Kim Smith

Osprey nesting platform built by Don

To take some truly terrific closeups, a longer zoom lens than my own 400mm is required, but we can at least get a glimpse of the Osprey family with these photos.

Male Osprey copyright Kim Smith

4Ever Fab ~ Beatles Tribute band live at Stage Fort Park – Sunday 8/14/16

4Ever Fab
Gentile Bandstand, Stage Fort Park
August 14, 2016 @ 7pm

Beatles Tribute band, 4Ever Fab, appears in concert on Sunday, August 14, at 7pm at the Antonio Gentile Bandstand, Stage Fort Park, Hough Avenue, Gloucester MA. This outstanding band returns to the bandstand with a terrific and genuine Beatles sound. This show features spot-on renditions of your classic Beatles favorite. This concert is dedicated in memory of Robert Cavender, a long-time bandstand supporter.

This concert is sponsored by Cape Ann Savings Bank, who will provide free ice cream treats to the audience. The concert is free to the public. Parking is free and the venue and rest rooms are wheelchair-accessible. Bring a blanket or chair and perhaps picnic dinner. The rain date is Wednesday, August 17. For further information please visit DavidLBenjamin.com or call 978-281-0543

And they’re back! Clean Harbor Swim


99 swimmers. 1.2 miles. Final racers coming in now. Well done all! Most were  in wetsuits–I  heard many comments about the water being cold. “The coldest one I remember.” I will add some information and photos here later when I’m at my office; complete results will be posted to the New England Open Water Swimming Association Facebook page. Mostly personal best athletic feel in the air, some clean connection.

First place (third year in a row)





Brian Barry has been participating since they moved here in 2002


And they’re off Clean Harbor Swim



Joey’s 2009 interview with Richie Martin


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Bravo! Gloucester Stages’s YAW in the news- winter spring summer or fall the best kids acting classes around

Congratulations! Marvelous Heidi Dallin and crew really deserve this praise! 20160812_152926

LEARNING FROM AN OSCAR NOMINEE- Lindsay Crouse’s visit was on the front page of the Gloucester TimesWendy Waring’s visit was also on the front page of the Gloucester Times and in the Boston Sunday Globe!




Mark your Gloucester live event calendar: Paul Catania’s drag show stars coming to the Cape Ann Cinema & Stage August 19th

Paul Catania writes:

Good afternoon Joe! I am throwing a drag performance event at The Cape Ann Cinema and Stage on August 19th. I was wondering if GMG could assist in putting out the the good people of Gloucester. There will be drag queens of comedic, burlesque and sexy grandeur. Other special surprises as well. I have left the link to buy tickets directly through Cape Ann Cinema as well as the official flyer! Hope this message finds you well and take care.


Closet CAse v.4

Drones and The Lannon 

More Cape Ann Community News-

Cape Ann Community

Hey Joe,
Was wondering if you could put something up on GMG about drones and ask the owners not to fly them over the Lannon. We have been sailing at the breakwater and a drone has been following us around and really bothering our passengers on 3 occasions. I reached out to Craig Kimberly and Martin Delvecio and it’s not them, are the only people I know with them.

Anything will help.

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