Science All Around Us with Collin Keegan Update

An educational series created by and starring an ambitious young boy who has an extraordinary vision.

We’d like to thank all of you once again for your support of this project. While we did meet the initial objectives of the Kickstarter campaign – to create a finished Pilot for the series, develop a strong presence on social media, and pitch the Pilot coast to coast, there have yet to be any offers to pick up the program from traditional broadcast outlets. It was received with great interest (including a possible appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show), and as some of you know from the SAAU Facebook page, it received third place at the Red Shed Film Festival in Rockport, MA.

Nubar and his production company, Walker Creek Media (WCM), have been in touch with a producer who loves this project and believes it can be a success. Based on his advice and his own success with non-traditional media, WCM has created the first episode of Science All Around Us, which will be available for sale online as a Video On Demand (VOD). The idea here is to build a measureable audience…..10,000-30,000 downloads…. at $2.99 each. This is not simply about money, but about demonstrating to advertisers the strength and commitment of the audience for the series. The funds for the next episode will come from a monthly fee from advertisers on the SAAU website. (As an example, the producer mentioned above has a show on YouTube about woodworking with 30,000 subscribers and generates a daily average of $1324 from advertisers.) To view Science All Around Us Episode 1 click here.

Meanwhile, Collin has continued to be buoyed by all the support and interest and has moved forward on several other avenues. He has maintained his interest in science, providing a weekly Science public announcement for his school this year. He has participated in the science fairs each year – doing some really creative research and exciting other students with hands-on activities on sound and the science behind 3-D images, started his own computer company Coltch Computing and learned to fly a plane. He’s also been invited to be the student keynote speaker at the MassCue in October of 2016 at Gillette Stadium, a conference for “computer use in education.” And this is the short list of what he’s doing.


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