Folly Cove

Another spot in this beautiful area we live in to stop and relax.

July 27, 2016 Folly Cove sign

July 27, 2016 Folly Cove

9 thoughts on “Folly Cove

  1. Actually there is no such place. The local natives are restless and people have disappeared looking for it. The bottom there is full of lost anchors and great white sharks and blue lobsters and rumrunners and sea serpents and due to the unfortunately clear water is much further down than you think. I used to use it for diving certification checkouts but the same number never came ashore as went out. Sometimes I had to take surviving students to my parents’ house and thaw them out in the bath tub. If you lose your tank and regulator to a serpent, you do not get certified. Magnolia is much safer, or even Rockport. In fact the entire Lanesville area, pits and all, is part of Metropolitan Dogtown and has an extremely dangerous reputation, witches and wild bulls and stuff. I would wait until well after Labor Day, perhaps January, before going anywhere near the place.


    1. I can attest to the large serpent off the point. She has my fishing pole and almost got my Red Sox baseball cap but swam down to get that.


  2. Lot’s of time spent here and it is a popular spot for diver’s even back in the days…On my GMG delivery days One day I would go to plum cove to end the route and the other day stop at the folly cove end of the route. Now I did not see the serpent Paul M did but I did get razzed by the two big German Sheppard police dogs a family owned mail box was on fence by gate and they would just bark scared the daylights out of me did not see them but they heard and knew I was close :-O Just doing what they were trained to do protect home 🙂

    Damon is right about legends campfire red eyes, dead mans ledge up in the woods allegedly spurned lover drove off cliff with girlfriend so do not swim in there haunted houses and shacks in days woods and dog town and of course Dukes story of a shark taking his arm off which I was told was the result of a shotgun accident…Never was able to confirm this from Duke George Morey’s side kick fisherman with the special oar for that arm stub – as the shark story kept us kids wide-eyed!

    Dave 🙂 & Kim


  3. Thank You very kind of you as always! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 P.S. Kim get’s a chuckle out of the black and white polaroid’s look like munchies from wizard of OZ maybe lollipop kids:-O – B/W Marty 🙂 Dave


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