The Guys At Cape Ann Chimney And Hearth Are Top Notch


Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth

7 Pond Rd. Gloucester MA 01930   – 978-283-1119

Bob and Luke have been extremely helpful advising about wood stoves and pellet stoves.

If you want to be comfortable and save some money this winter you have to check out their showroom on Pond Road.  They have a ton of different models and styles for you to look at and they will install and repair them as well.

Here’s our wood stove, a Vermont Castings Intrepid.  I dropped it off this morning and Bob and Luke are going to get it into tip top shape for us.  It looks like the top part could use a little touching up.  Don’t be the dope that calls them right when we get the first cold snap when the entire free world is all trying to get service at the same time.  Call now and get out ahead of the winter! 978-283-1119

Here’s the before pictures of our Vermont Castings Intrepid-



Check back for the after pictures.

6 thoughts on “The Guys At Cape Ann Chimney And Hearth Are Top Notch

  1. Bob knew where Profile Rock was on Pigeon Hill and we have one of his stoves. He delivers BioBricks and we occasionally burn wood so yeah, awesome place.


      1. Cast iron stove in my shop pretty similar to the one you have in the photos but a lot of glass in two doors on the front. Bob had one front and center in the store. It took me a while but now an expert on the two sets of baffles and how to stack the Bio-Bricks. If I want the sucker cherry red both baffles open and loose pack the stack of bricks then close the baffle which forces the exhaust through the back of the stove. But if I want to set it up to run slow all night just stack the bricks tight and close down the second baffle to low. Or throw a log on top. I like the Bio-Bricks because they are pleasant to look at through the glass and you can leave it for hours. Tom Brady, Bio-Bricks and a rocking chair in my shop with a martini I’m all set most any Sunday in the winter.


  2. These were classics for heating – had the stove oil also from Harvey’s by lanes cove with a jerry can…Also coal and boilers for radiators dry the mittens and gloves on don’t leave then too lone or they are toast. Moved west the wood stove was primary means of heat or fireplace. Dad had gas furnace but took it out used fireplaces and now has two pellet stoves and one wood stove that was inserted into and old fireplace.

    One lanes cove had a couple in fish shacks or they used and old Oil drum sawed in half and fed it drift wood or old lobster pots great for kindling to start it with.

    There is something about a fireplace or pellet stove…They do have no burn days during inversions out west unless like dad it’s primary source of heat you have a permit for that in case inspectors stop in..:-O Dave 🙂 & Kim 🙂


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