5 thoughts on “That is a Blue Lobster!

  1. Hey bananahead, how many times can we put it in quotation marks. His name is “Blue” like in the movie Old School. “You my man Blue.”

    Fucking RD.


  2. Rubber Duck speaks lobster. Opal says her name is Opal. She is named after Opal who was on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse who is now an actress on “Orange is the New Black”. (All about colors.)


  3. Why not consider giving this unique handsome lobster to the Gloucester Maritime Museum so it can be an educational model for students & other scholars?


    1. I’ve looked at how other blue lobsters have worked out and aquariums and captivity do not have a good record. They die after a few months. Better that Opal (if a girl) or Blue (if a boy) is released back into the wild. Opal can procreate and make more blue lobsters. If she is lucky and has a date with another blue lobster than all their progeny would be blue. Wouldn’t that be amazing? That a large percentage of the lobsters caught off Halibut Point twenty years from now are blue?

      I think that all blue lobsters caught in Gloucester should be released off Folly Point. At least until the keepers are caught once a day. Then we eat them. Lucky to catch. It would be lucky to eat them if we allowed them to evolve here on the North of Cape Ann.

      fyi: when you cook them, they are red.

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