Skip Bertolino writes-

7/1/16                                               A Very Special Family

I was driving my car on Decatur Street in East Gloucester during the 4th of July weekend when I noticed a young boy all alone sitting behind with what I perceived was a lemonade stand selling lemonade and with a handmade sigh that read “100 % Profits to US Veterans” so I stopped the car rolled down the passenger side window and asked him.

What are u selling, he told me he’s selling “Arnold Palmers, which is a mix of lemonade & ice tea.

I said Wow I’ll take one of those, how much are they? he said 50 cents. I asked him his name he said, “Sean Bergin”. I asked where do u live he said just up the street.

As he was mixing the drink I asked him, Sean what are u doing with the money he reply’s I’m giving it all to the veterans.

He finishes mixing the drink, and he walks to the passenger side window of my car and hands me the drink and I pay him with a little extra for his cause & I thanked him.

As he was walking back to his stand, I called Sean, and as he turned around I said to him, “I want to thank you for what u are doing for the Veterans, as a Veteran myself, it is greatly appreciated.

He then proceeds to start to walk back to the car with the money I paid him, he puts the money back through the  window looks me straight in the eye  says to me  “You’re a veteran ?” I said yes, if you’re a veteran the drink is FREE!!

I must tell you I was speechless, to be that young and to be so giving of his time to raise money for Vets and to think of Veterans in that way.

I finally gathered my thoughts and I thanked him but told him to please keep the money for his cause he said, OK!

That night I said I have to go back tomorrow and get a picture of that fine young man and that awesome stand.

So the next day I drive down with my wife to take a picture and what do I find, not only was

Sean age 11 at the stand but his brother Ryan age 13 and there 2 cousins Sofia & Olivia Codis ages 10 and 7. I was beside myself with joy they had made this July 4th very special.

Upon leaving I asked the group why you are doing this. Ryan responds, well some Veterans when they came back weren’t treated very well so we want to help them.

I think I can speak for all Veterans and their families this weekend you surely have!

Sean, Ryan, Sofia, Olivia God Bless You, thank you and thanks for thinking of us veterans.

We salute you,,, Job Well Done!

Skip Bertolino

Mount Pleasant Ave  Gloucester, Ma.

Vietnam Vet, Class of 70

5 thoughts on “A VERY SPECIAL FAMILY From Skip Bertolino

  1. Skip and those in the photo excellent and yes you can speak for this veteran any day! And if I was there I would drink a few cups and buy some for other’s as you pause for a cause! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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