GHS cool Class of 1971: Who did this?

Were you there? Who did you go with? Who organized the line up? Who did the poster?

Do you have photos?

How did I get here? The Gloucester High School gym was named after Albert Bacheler, as in the former Principal and owner of the very special Civil War era coat needing restoration. We’ve heard from Gloucester graduates and former teachers with no recollection of the coat. We’ve also heard from some that remember seeing it. Thanks to Barry Pett and Ken Joyce for adding in details. I’m looking for interior photographs of the old gym, especially those showing the cadet side where we’ve been told the coat was featured. On this poster it’s simply G.H.S. Gym.

Barry Pett’s graduation year made me think of 1970s high school concerts held in gyms, and there you have it: off road research and fun side trips.

j geils

J. Giels Geils Band played Stonehedge in Ipswich twice in 1970  J. Geils Band tour dates 

8 thoughts on “GHS cool Class of 1971: Who did this?

  1. Ill share on my Class of 1974 page and ask some of my older friends from GHS about photos. Now I will have to look closer in the yearbook for photos in the gym. I was a freshman when this concert happened and we were at Blackburn Annex for our freshman year. I don’t remember going but I’m sure many of my friends did.

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