Coyotes typically sleep above ground in the open or under cover of shrubbery and wooded patches. Pup season is the only time coyotes use a den, which is usually a rocky outcrop, hollowed out stump, or a burrow made by fox, raccoon, skunk, or other medium-sized mammal. Coyotes will also make a den by digging a hole.

The color and shape of coyote poop (scat) varies, depending on what food is available. Purportedly at this time of year the scat is oftentimes reddish-orange because their diet is rich in apples.


  1. We really need to have the city address this growing problem before more folks lose their pets or before a child or adult is harmed.
    There will be an upcoming hearing on this subject in January so I hope folks will attend to share their experiences and urge the city to react. So may people in East Gloucester have already lost their pets and the coyotes are out day and night.

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