Magnolia Harbor after the rain

May 19, 2014 after the rain Magnolia Harbor

8 thoughts on “Magnolia Harbor after the rain

  1. Hi Donna, Your pictures are so passionate…you really capture the emotion of the landscape. Living in Magnolia over 15 years, I’ve seen so many changes to water and sky, usually in a very short time, too, and you captured the sun on the water beautifully. I always look forward to your perspective:) Keep it up!


  2. Almost as good as being there and when your as far away as I am – it’s even more enligtening does make your heart is alway where you were born regardless of where you may end up on the path. – homesick for me 🙂


      1. Maybe soon $$$ from here on retired Enlisted Mil pay is a bit hard, but who knows maybe a hop will come in – I do hate to fly also 🙂


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