The Great Gloucester Steak Bomb Challenge

Directed by Joey Ciaramitaro, with thanks to judges Ed Collard, Chris DeWolfe, Craig Kimberley, and Brian O’Connor. Special thanks to Alicia and Chris at Mamie’s Kitchen for hosting the challenge. Thanks to Bex and Toby for all their help with keeping the competition organized.

The top four Steak Bomb challengers, voted for by the Good Morning Gloucester community, are: Cape Ann Brewing, Captain Hooks, Destino’s, and Leonardo’s.

Music ~

James Bond Theme (Dr. No)

Peter Gunn Theme

Mambo Italiano Dean Martin

Produced by Kim Smith for Good Morning Gloucester

Judges Ed Collard, Chris DeWolfe, Brian O’Connor and Craig Kimberley took their judging duty very seriously.  The one part I would say would not be a fair comparison is Cape Ann brewing based on price since their price includes fries, slaw and a pickle.  However even if you threw the value category out Cape Ann Brewing would have come in last.

Captain Hooks wins People Choice with far and away most number of nominations.

Overall Best Gloucester Steak Bomb Challenge winner Based on Value, Taste, Packaging,  Lack of Sogginess and Equal Distribution of Meat is Destinos.

Once again it was noted by all four judges that each one of these subs was a winner.  To be nominated out of all the incredible sub shops in Gloucester is in itself a testament to how great each one of these Steak Bombs are and Cape Ann Brewing, Captain Hooks, Leonardos and Destinos all deserve accolades

Thanks To Mamie’s Kitchen for providing a neutral stage for judging.  Thanks to our sub picker uppers.  thanks to Kim Smith for filming (look for her awesome video Thursday).

You’d be happy to patronize any of these fine eateries.  Today at Mamie’s Kitchen Chris will be serving up his killer Cheese Steak Sub in honor of yesterday’s competition.

26 thoughts on “The Great Gloucester Steak Bomb Challenge

  1. Ahaa!! I had a feeling Destino’s might win this. I was told they are a great sub place. I haven’t even tried them yet so is a MUST TRY on the list now.
    Thank you for the fun fun “challenges” love them all. Keep them coning… 🙂


      1. I too got the Destino’s Steak Bomb winnahhh sub just today, Friday to see for myself about this… It is SOOO WICKED awesome good. The judges were spot on man… 🙂


        1. I also have to add I just realized this was a video to watch with this competition too. That was a blast!!!!
          I also wanted to add today I got lost trying to find Destino’s sub shop…. but the gal in Mamies Kitchen guided me correctly after the 2nd time I had to ask someone for directions. She was very very kind and patient with me with the heat, that “frustrating when lost” feeling. so I want to thank her too. She is a great lady 🙂


    1. Means very much coming from you Craig–thank you.

      You are a perfect judge, very fair and unbiased. Looking forward to the next challenge–lots of fun and there are just so many wonderfully delicious menu items in Gtown from which to chose!!


      1. Awe shucks Kim, thanks. I do enjoy the food from time to time. I think I’m going to have to launch my Fried Clam Slam! I’ll be going from location to location on different days. Maybe you could be my shooter!!?!! I don’t need no stinking nominations, just me you, and maybe one other poor soul. We can collab on the LIVE judging!


  2. That was fun to watch… all have such great chemistry-I’m looking forward to the next one!
    By the way, I heard Destino’s does great breakfasts too.


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