Sherman Cottage -24 Bass Rocks Road

This may be the most photographed and painted house in Gloucester.  Do you know any of it’s history?  Thanks to Amy Shapiro we will fill you in.

Sherman Cottage 24 Bass Rocks Road , originally uploaded by captjoe06.

A gift was given recently to our city- a plaque for 24 Bass Rocks Road in honor of it being the summer headquarters of the Siamese (Thai) legation for many years in the late 1800’s and until around 1950.  These show the house, and unveiling ceremony on that same day — 8/30, with the owners, Dr. and Mrs. White.

click teh picture to view it full sized
click teh picture to view it full sized

4 thoughts on “Sherman Cottage -24 Bass Rocks Road

    1. I graduated from GHS in 1962 and have spent the last 15 winters in Thailand. Today, am in North End branch of Boston Public Library after visiting Thai Consulate to get visa for another trip. Thank you for posting photos and comments. Tonight, will fly from BOS to IST and then on to BKK.


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