Amy Shapiro Is A Tower Garden Representative And This Is Her Tower Garden

Hi Joey,
My husband and I are gardening with a new soil-fee technology that eliminates weeding.  We love watching the veggies grow (pic taken this AM).  For those who’d like to garden, but don’t have the land or back for it, this is a fun solution.  The pic links to my site for more info.  Thanks for considering passing this along.


Amy Shapiro is Pushing Some Kind of Stuff That She Wants You To Know About

Amy writes-

GMG-ers may remember Dorian musician Johan Onvlee of Holland — he performed on Cape Ann and is now on YouTube:

–his video with the “Elves” is sweet (kids love it).  He came with his father, Jo Onvlee, a metaphysical scholar, who taught T’ai Chi and lectured on the I Ching in Gloucester — we co-wrote 2 books on that topic, and I am teaching the I Ching (and much more) in a “Body-Mind-Soul” series coming up — I invite GMG folks to contact me for the flyer …  Thanks!  Amy Shapiro

Gift To Gloucester

DSC_1846, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This gold-framed gift from the King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation to Gloucester on Aug. 30 at a city hall celebration of Gloucester’s designation on the "Trail of Thai Royalty in Massachusetts" shows Prince
Mahidol coming to Gloucester in 1916 on his way to studying public health at Harvard.  He spent a lot of time at 3 Page St, which now has a commemorative historic bronze plaque. The Prince was father of the
current King of Thailand — the longest reigning and most beloved monarch in the world, and who was born in Cambridge, MA in 1927 — the first monarch ever born in the USA.

Thanks to Amy Shapiro for the photos
From Amy-
Folks can see the full “Trail of Thai Royalty in Massachusetts” at

Sherman Cottage -24 Bass Rocks Road

This may be the most photographed and painted house in Gloucester.  Do you know any of it’s history?  Thanks to Amy Shapiro we will fill you in.

Sherman Cottage 24 Bass Rocks Road , originally uploaded by captjoe06.

A gift was given recently to our city- a plaque for 24 Bass Rocks Road in honor of it being the summer headquarters of the Siamese (Thai) legation for many years in the late 1800’s and until around 1950.  These show the house, and unveiling ceremony on that same day — 8/30, with the owners, Dr. and Mrs. White.

click teh picture to view it full sized
click teh picture to view it full sized