Geno’s Dory Shop at the GMHC

Geno’s Dory Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

From now on I’m calling the Maritime Heritage Center the GMHC.

Anyway I have a series of photos I took from Geno’s Dory Shop over at GMHC that I’ll be posting throughout the day.

I’ve seen a ton of old photographs of the flakeyards in Gloucester but could never distinguish one from our dock in East Gloucester until I stopped by and saw Geno. He happened to have one among the sawdust and I was blown away at the size and scope of the buildings that once sat on our property. The buildings were 3 stories high and lined East Main Street and went out over the water. My father often tells me stories about when my grandfather bought the place from Gortons and they handed him a huge round key chain with a ridiculous number of keys that lined up side by side touching each other all the way around this key ring like spokes on a bike only like it was about 200 keys for all the different rooms with locks.

Geno is going to make me a copy of the picture. Thanks Geno.

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