The Bean sleeps in her big girl bed

A couple days ago the Bean gave up her binkies. the past couple nights she’s been sleeping in her big girl bed.  The transition hasn’t been smooth but she’ll get used to it.

She loves the idea in theory but getting her down is another thing altogether.

Mike’s Place Pizza

Mike’s Place Pizza, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

For lunch today I ordered up a Mike’s Place “Favorite” pizza. The “Favorite” pizza has been running as a special for $5.99 (quite a bargain).

It has a very sweet sauce if you like that kind of thing. With delivery and tax they charge $7.79

Not bad. The telephone # is 978-282-0777 if you feel like ordering one and am too lazy to look up the number.

I ordered this one for delivery but they are always super nice when you go to the shop and the place is clean as a whistle.  I don’t know “Mike” but I do know they do a good job there.