East Gloucester July art exhibits: Coco Berkman, Mary Rhinelander and more at Gallery 53; NSAA second summer exhibit and special slate silent auction; Hilary Harrison at Rocky Neck Cultural Center; Stephen LaPierre

Visiting East Gloucester galleries in the summer is like attending an art fair outdoors. Walk gorgeous surroundings and enjoy the great thrill and fun of seeing and purchasing works by established and emerging artists. Here’s a mini gallery guide for July, and a reminder that it doesn’t list every exhibit. Just a sampling. Also note special events happening today and tomorrow: TODAY at Gallery 53, 1-3pm: Working with precious metal clay Trish Conant artist demonstration. TONIGHT Grand Fatilla concert at the Cultural Center. TOMORROW  evening, Sunday, artist talk by Hilary Harrison about her exhibition on view at the Cultural Center.

North Shore Arts Association

150 works from Artists Members through July 30th, the second exhibition in 2016, fill the first and second floors. Two more exhibits are on view. On the first floor, past the reception desk, many many generous artists donated their art–each painting on the same size slate matrix, recovered from the Paint Factory. They comprise a special silent auction closing July 30, 2016. “100% of the proceeds from the Paint Factory Painted Slate Fundraising Silent Auction  will benefit the restoration efforts of both North Shore Arts Association and Ocean Alliance of Gloucester.” Visit the NSAA gallery to enjoy them and to place your bid. You can also contact NSAA directly at 978.283.1857.

ALL of them can be viewed on line. 

Art by new NSAA members, like a Lanes Cove print by James Oliver, are in the farthest room and not to be missed.










The current exhibit at Gallery 53 features prints by Coco Berkman. Some of Mary Rhinelander’s prints are on view, various media. (I bought an impression of Mary’s blueberries for a gift, but I kept it!) It’s a great chance to see different mediums in action. I worked with a couple of artists that created reduction linocuts, Coco’s method. They called it  ‘suicide block’ due to its risk. She makes it look easy. (You can see a reduction linocut by Don Gorvett in the collection at Cape Ann Museum.)







Hilary Harrison: Sacred Nature. Reflection and reverie in her installation of sculpture and ink jet photography (printed by the artist on nice matte Hahnemule paper.) I’d recommend ending with this exhibit if you are seeing several in one day.






Survey from several decades and bodies of work –a retrospective expression of the life around him, wherever he’s lived. There are 200+ paintings on view (as much as the entire NSAA two floor building!) Versatile and original painter. Read Gail McCarthy’s story in the Gloucester Daily Times








Hughes-Bosca Side Street Gallery 17 Rocky Neck Ave

My whole life I’ve driven past, and walked past this Gallery right across the street from Sailor Stans.  Lesson I learned is you have to go in and out of all the galleries because if you don’t, you’re bound to miss out on beautiful spaces likle the Hughes-Bosca Side Street Gallery.

Check it!




From FOB (friend of the blog) Brenda Malloy-

Hello Joey and Happy Day~
if your interested in passing this blurb along, I’d appreciate it:

The Rocky Neck Art Colony Winter Stroll was such an overwhelming success last weekend that the artists wanted to spread the word that they will all be open from the 19th through the 24th. Most will be open from at least noon until 4pm, except for Xmas eve day, some may close earlier.

With handmade offerings of a wonderful variety of fine paintings, jewelry, pottery, glass ornaments and mobile’s, scarves, greeting cards and much, much, more, many at discounted prices, people are sure to be pleased.

The following galleries will be open:
Elynn Kroger Gallery, Karen Ristuben Gallery, Side Street Gallery, Sigrid Olson Gallery, Goetteman Gallery, John Nesta Gallery and Brenda Malloy’s IMAGINE gallery.

Hope to see you there to join in our festive fair and to experience some of the wonderful art of Rocky Neck. For more information call 978-282-1346. Thanks!