Andrea Gail Model Complete Thanks To Help From GMGers!

Lisa Freed writes-


Hey Joey


My dad finished building the model of Andrea Gail. Couldn’t have done it without the help of the GMG readers and the history/photos and knowledge they emailed us. Individual pieces, hand built, all from those photos, and research.


Thank you again!



Red Baron Lobster Boat Model At GMHC Gift Shop

Here’s another comparison of The Red Baron lobster boat model and Mark Ring’s lobster boat The Stanley Thomas.  Note the same windows in the trunk cabin.  Note the same color scheme.  Note the same hand rails along the roof.  Mark Ring has since taken the windows out of the trunk cabin in The Stanley Thomas (the photo was taken in 2002).

Red Baron Lobster Boat Model At GMHC Gift Shop

Normally I wouldn’t post a picture of a Lobster Boat Model but in this case, this particular lobster boat model looked almost like an exact replica of the Stanley Thomas, Mark Ring’s Lobster Boat.  They sell these models at The GMHC gift shop.

Here’s The Stanley Thomas

Stanley Thomas Tied Up To The Dock
Stanley Thomas Tied Up To The Dock

American Marine Model Gallery

I hope you liked the four videos with Michael Wall at The American Marine Model Gallery 20 Pleasant Street.  Look for the slide show coming up later this week.

American Marine Model Gallery, originally uploaded by captjoe06.