A Call to Artists: from Michael Foley

from, Michael Foley;
“This piece is called “The Birth of Industry”, is 13″ Tall and is done in Danby Marble and Black Granite. It will also be debuted on Sunday April 6th at the Rockport Art Association.”


Babson Boulders at home

The Babson Boulders of Dogtown are one of the harder-to-find attractions in Gloucester; you have to download a map and go trekking through the woods. It’s well worth the walk, and can be a lot of fun (especially when it isn’t tick-and-mosquito season).

But you can also get your own miniature, customized “Babson Boulders” at home. Here’s mine:



It was a gift from the artist, my friend Michael Foley.  I don’t know of anyone else who makes these!  You can see more of his work, including other “boulders”, on his website or on Facebook. He also has work at “The Art Nook” on Bearksin Neck.

Matthew Green


Meeting artists at the Cape Ann Museum

Last Saturday, the Cape Ann Museum had an event where several local artists demonstrated their work. Due to parish commitments, I arrived late and missed Michael Foley’s demonstration of his stonework. You can find an interview with him here, and see his website here. Michael is both a skilled stoneworker and a talented musician. He will be giving another demonstration towards the end of this month, and I hope not to miss that one!

A few other artists were still doing their demonstrations when I arrived. It was great to talk with them and see their work!

Beth Williams works with glass, and has a studio and gallery practically next door to the museum:

_Beth WilliamsPamela Stratton, whose studio is in Rockport, creates beautiful mosaics:

_Pamela StrattonLeslie Wind makes jewelry, as well as knitting and crocheting (even spinning her own yarn from wool):

_Leslie Wind

Leslie’s demonstration was interactive, helping visitors to make things like jewelry, bookmarks, and coffee stirrers out of thick wire (subsequently beaten flat). I tried my hand at it and came up with this… I’m not sure if it is a drink stirring stick or a bookmark, or something altogether different, but it was fun!

_Wire art with Leslie

Fr. Matthew Green

Rubber Duck visits Rockport Arts Association at Halftime

Rubber Duck figured Brady had the Bills in hand so we went down to the Rockport Arts Association New Member’s Show at the half. Free wine and cheese? No brainer. A lot of amazing stuff. Every time I walk through the RAA I am blown away by the art on the walls. You can smell the waves, the beach, the waves crashing, the sails snapping in the wind, or the cat sleeping on a wicker chair. (That cat was a water color that has to be seen in person to be appreciated.)

So Michael Foley is someone I have been following on Facebook because he takes Cape Ann granite and carves it like butter. Because he is joining the Cape Ann Artisans Tour he is already earmarked for the Rubber Duck visiting his studio in the spring to find out how he does it.Michael is to the right of the Rubber Duck who is appreciating the granite.  New Member Show until December 6th. The Rockport Art Association will be filled with gifts for that really hard to cover loved one all the way through Christmas.

As for Brady and the Pats they were just jerking us around making it a nail biter down to the last 20 seconds. Did Vince Willfork want to bite the head off of someone?