James A Ryan map of Gloucester / Rockport quarries displayed at local dentist office

I like how area businesses display art and historic ephemera. The waiting area of Dr. Powers’ dentist office features a fascinating poster of the Gloucester Rockport Quarries © July 2017, a working document created by James A Ryan*, Reg / Prof Civil Engineer from Gloucester, MA, based on “2011 aerial surveys provided by Gloucester DPW Engineering Department and Rockport counterpart”

I know Dr. Powers is a history buff and that’s why it’s displayed. (I had a chuckle thinking about these are the first fillings at a dentist that I don’t mind learning about :))

(*no relation)

2011 map quarries (2)2011 map quarries

IMG_20180228_141437 (1).jpg

O’Maley Fundraiser at Jalapenos Monday November 6th

You can’t visit downtown without feeling the impact of Gloucester’s generous local businesses and restauranteurs.  10% of Jalapenos business on Monday night November 6th will be donated to the Gloucester O’Maley Innovation Middle School afterschool program, O’Maley Acadmey. Jalapenos has a longstanding committment to community fundraising nights.

Come hang out or take out! Jalapenos is located at 86 Main Street Gloucester, MA (978) 283-8228 Jalapenos menu

O’Maley Academy works with many community partners, like Backyard Growers (Love this sweet new corner of happy on Main near their HQ!)

IMG_20171020_132230.jpgO'Maley Fundraiser Jalapenos Nov 6th 2017