Good Eggs: A Big Shout Out To The Volunteers Who Helped With The Lobster Trap Tree

This in from Ed Collard-

Much thanks go out to all the volunteers and businesses who have been helping to make the lobster trap tree a reality.

Lobster Lady, Greg Smith, Jeff Worthley, Jamie O’Hara, Donna Ardizzoni, Dave Brooks, Dan Brooks, Rosalie Lentini, Steve Noble, John Mazzeo, Lonnie Guest, Aaron Trefley, Hiltz Disposal, Building Center.

and here are a list of the lobstermen who donated traps to use-

Ron Parnell
Jack and Steve Sulton
Geno Mondello
Kevin O’Maley
James Fialho
Aron Tuffley

click picture for the slide show from Thom Falzorano

click for the slide show

Nothing’s Stopping This Crew!!! Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Building Pics and Slide Show From Thom Falzorano!

Driving Rain- Check

40 Mile Per Hour Winds- Check

I guess it’s perfect weather to build-


That’s The Gloucester One In Case You WERE WONDERING!

Thom Falzorano captured Day One Beautifly In Pictures for GMG!


click the picture for the slide show

Building the Lobster Trap Tree

From Jeff Worthley

Gearing up for building the Tenth Annual Lobster Trap Christmas Tree, but will need lots of elves to help this year. Who’s got a few hours, a few muscles and the spirit?

Friday, November 27, 2009 at 9:00am

Gloucester Police Station Plaza


We gotta show those Rocklander’s how to really build a serious tree!

It is Jeff Worthley!


You all got the right answer, so I guess I’ll have to make it more difficult next time! This was  “Rock The Vote” at Capt. Carlo’s in Nov. of 2005. Jeff was bangin’ on the keys, and that’s  Mike Chipperini on the harp in the background. Nice shirt, Jeff!

Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree 2008 Christmas Card

If you haven’t taken the kids down to see the Lobster Trap Tree you might want to before the season passes by.  Feel free to use this image to make Christmas Cards if you would like.

Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree 2008

David Brooks from Art Haven tells me that over 150 kids got to paint a buoy for the tree.  How’s that for community spirit? Click this text to see the scene Lia captured when Santa showed up aboard  a fire truck to light the tree.

Art Haven Ice Sculpture & Lobster Trap Tree

If you haven’t been downtown in a while this is the perfect opportunity to head down, marvel at the fantastic Christmas displays, stroll through some of our fantastic shops,get a cup of coffee at our fantastic coffee and tea houses, or a bite to eat ate the best dining north of Boston- right here in Downtown Gloucester!  We Rock!

Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree 2008

If you haven’t got down to see it yet you really ought to.  Its right next to the police station.  (If you have any outstanding warrants for arrest you might want to wear a disguise)  I can’t believe how tall it is, and it is covered with buoys hand painted by the kids at Art Haven.  The whole thing is just beautiful.  Art Haven Video Part II at 9:00AM

Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree 2008

What a fantastic job Jeff Worthley, David Brooks and the kids from Art Haven and anyone else that I don’t know that should get recognition did on the tree.  It is the absolute most beautiful one yet!  Gorgeous!

Ya think they have anything this cool in Anytown, or Plainsville USA?  No freakin way!  This is another reason Gloucester Rocks!

Things To Do- Lobster Trap Tree Lighting Saturday Dec 13th

From Jeff Worthley-

On Saturday, December 13th, at 4 pm the community will gather to light the Lobster Trap Tree at the Gloucester Police Station Plaza (Main Street).

This year’s tree, believed to be the world’s largest Lobster Trap Tree consists of over 300 traps which have been loaned by a half dozen Gloucester lobstermen.

The tree will be adorned with over 50 buoys, donated by Winchester Fishing, which will be painted by children at Art Haven on Friday afternoon and Saturday during the day.

The tree lighting ceremony will feature music provided by DJ Scotti Mac, caroling, Santa’s arrival and the lighting of the tree.

The 300 traps were moved by Tally’s Trucking Service and Earth Works where a half dozen volunteers have labored for the past two weeks building the tree and stringing the lights

This year marks the ninth time the Lobster Trap Tree has been built and stands taller than ever.

This year’s celebration is sponsored by BankGloucester, which is opening their renovated building to the public on the same day.