Nor’Easter storm Riley high tide surges keep coming #GloucesterMA

Scenes and video from Long Beach, Gloucester, MA, just before high tide

Riley Nor'easter winter storm battering Gloucester MA Long Beach fifth high tide again© c ryan March 4 2018_123048 (3)





Paths of destruction winter storm damage Riley Long Beach #GloucesterMA

Damage everywhere we looked this morning, low tide, about 8am, March 4, 2018. With surf high at low tide, we expect the next high tide to surge more.

Guts of seawall exposed Winter Storm Riley March 4 2018 Gloucester MA Long Beach ©C Ryan _151948 (47)
Long Beach seawall sink holes

Long Beach seawall; Rockport Road; Gloucester and Rockport

Some evident damage to coastal homes in Gloucester MA and front row cottages by Long Beach pedestrian walkway. Surf inside and out found paths of entry.

The Long Beach pedestrian bridge was damaged. The boulder barrier seawall was cut down by half, maybe more.

dramatic change sea wall cut down by half Winter Storm Riley March 4 2018 Gloucester MA Long Beach ©C Ryan _151948 (32)

rip rap exposed as far as the eye can see, Long Beach (looking from Rockport back to Gloucester, MA) Note every platform from the stairs was ripped away

video of surf looking to Gloucester end of Long Beach. Would not risk this walk at storm high tides- note multiple crests with each surge Continue reading “Paths of destruction winter storm damage Riley Long Beach #GloucesterMA”

LIVE high noon ferocious storm damage Riley day 2


Third tide


Scenes from high noon, flooding into streets and homes; coastal homes damaged still more with this third tide, day 2 nor’easter storm Riley. Long Beach seawall holds back relentless surf

IMG_20180303_112223 photogs run back.jpg

Riley Nor’Easter morning after second high tide #GloucesterMA: coastal damage homes and Long Beach seawall

Riley took bites out of the Long Beach seawall, and ripped out decks and fences wherever last night’s raging tide rushed. Debris strewn roads include large timber rails and rocks.

Morning after Riley second tide sea wall damage Long Beach _20180303_075741 © C Ryan (13)