When a Good Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese is What You Need…

So this was unbelievably yummy.  Every once in a while a grilled cheese sandwich sounds like the right thing to order.  And this one did not disappoint.

Grilled cheese with arugula, roasted red peppers, and avocado from Half Baked Bakery in Beverly Farms. Come on.


Super Delicious Lunches from Vidalias

Our staff luncheon last week consisted of really beautiful and delicious sandwiches from Vidalias of Beverly Farms.  (thanks Paul) .  We’ll definitely be going back one day over school vacation!

Visit their website HERE   Or visit the market at 9 West Street, Beverly Farms

Jim Dowd, Local Blogger Would Like to Pay It Forward

One Free Drink Coupon
One Free Drink Coupon

You know how we are in Gloucester, we’re not about holding grudges.
So I say we not blight our karma any further with this whole “Beverly
Farms Parade That Insulted Our Children and Traditions” thing. It’s
all just bad vibes, man. So, I want to invite my fellow friends
sharing Spaceship Earth from Beverly Farms to up Gloucester for a free
drink, so we can put this all behind us. Enclosed is a coupon that
any Bev Farms resident can redeem in a Gloucester bar or Tavern.

Love, man. It’s all about love.

Peace, out

Jim Dowd

Beverly Farms Parade Takes Shot at Pregnant Gloucester Teens

At about 2 minutes and 30 seconds they take some pretty good shots at the Gloucester High Pregnancy situation.

We’ll see you on the football field September 26, 2008.

Beverly at GLOUCESTER 7:00PM

Good luck.