GloucesterCast 545 With Katelyn Ciaramitaro, Brandon Pratt, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Livestreaming 1/23/22

GloucesterCast 545 With Katelyn Ciaramitaro, Brandon Pratt, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Livestreaming 1/23/22

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Topics Include:
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2:20 Cape Ann Live
3:19 Happy Hay Aaron Rodgers Lost/ Football Recap
5:00 Shoutout Rundown
9:47 Poop Numbers Are Down
10:36 High School Allowing Fans Back
13:00 Bluefin Blowout is Back
13:30 Lyon Waugh Auto Group Buying Experience From Sista Felicia
16:42 Interest Rate and Home Buying Outlook with Katelyn Ciaramitaro and Brandon Pratt 27:34 Five Mark Realty Group Contact info
30:00 Brandon Pratt Mortgage Info
31:12 Pigeon Cove Ferments Picked Up By Large Distributor Associated Buyers
33:45 Experiences Needing Vaccination Cards
35:20 Digital Vax Card From Ma info
38:15 SASE Report
40:15 One In A Million Lobster Card From Salters Point Provisions
41:40 Bruins Game Jumbotron
43:28 Clam Box Reopening Date
46:40 Reminiscing About The Gull Restaurant
47:43 when Did “Bud Heavy” Become a Term
50:00 Bliss Bites Cafe
51:13 If You Could Jar Your Farts and Sell Them For $100 Would You?
56:00 Bravo Pizza
57:00 Joey’s Favorite Local Appetizer Right Now Azorean Littlenecks
58:35 Americold Hiring Forktruck Operators
59:05 Age Yourself With a Nightclub You Used To Go That is No Longer Around…
1:10:54 The Tender Bar Review
1:13:25 Grown Ups Adam Sandler Movie Behind The Scenes and Lakehouse
1:15:21 Alaskan King Crab Legs
1:18:20 Is It Strange That Mike Codair Shares Pictures of His Legs With My Wife?
1:21:36 1990 Patriots
1:23:50 The Celtics
1:29:40 Do You Choose Your News Based On The Looks Of The Anchor
1:31:40 Who is Your Hall Pass Please Like Kat and Charleen’s Facebook Page-…
Please Like Cross Country Mortgage-
1:37:52 Eating The Bundt Cake
1:42:18 Football Predictions
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