Video: Year 9 Of Using Pour Over Coffee Method and Why I think It’s the best Around

I got the simple porcelain ceramic pour over coffee maker 9 years ago and it has yet to fail me.

There are many reasons why I love this method and I’ll list them:

  • Compact form, easily stored in a cabinet.
  • Excellent tasting coffee
  • No moving parts to fail
  • Saves lots of money over crappy Keurig coffee (I’ve yet to have a single Keurig made coffee that wowed me)
  • A simple toss of the paper filter into the trash and rinse and it’s clean as a whistle and ready for the next use

I want less stuff on our counters, not more.

Here’s a link to purchase one-

Porcelain Coffee Filter/Holder Pour-Over

I use it with a small electric water kettle that stores away easily as well, link to purchase here-

9 years going and I make at least one coffee a day in it. By my calculations it’s saved me thousands by home brewing at a cost of under 35 cents per cup to brew at home.

3 thoughts on “Video: Year 9 Of Using Pour Over Coffee Method and Why I think It’s the best Around

  1. I have been doing pour over since 1976 and refuse to do keurig–so much plastic!!! But may I suggest that you not toss those grounds in the trash. Compost them, or place directly into your garden, or your friends’ gardens, or Backyard Growers’ gardens. Spent grounds are not very acidic anymore (if at all?) and help with drainage. I used to place mine around my Beach Rose bushes.If you get unbleached filters they will decompose into your soil, too. Worms love damp paper anmd will come up to the surface, also hel;ping top aerate soil.


  2. Use a natural unbleached filter and you can compost it along with the coffee. I’ve been making my one cup of coffee this way for so long I can’t remember when I started. If I want to make iced coffee I use a coffee maker (thrift stores are full of them) with a natural filter and compost that.


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