If You’re serious About BBQ and Don’t Have a proper Boning Knife You’re Doing Yourself A disservice

Northeast BBQ

A boning knife makes trimming any large cut of beef infinitely easier.

I finally bought one after always using different, inferior for the job, knives.

Let me tell you it’s an absolute game changer.

I got a 5 inch Victorinox Boning Knife just ahead of the holidays to trim the Bone-In Roasts we enjoyed Christmas eve and Christmas Day.

Total game changer. Made short work and the agility it affords you with the shape and flexibility can not be understated.

It may seem like a silly thing but once you use one you’ll be totally aggravated when trying to trim a brisket , pork butt, tenderloin or roast without one.

Trust me on this one, you 100% should have one in your knife drawer if you do any amount of breaking down or trimming large cuts of meat.

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