Patches of paradise: tiny gardens are big in Gloucester

The little summer gardens of Gloucester grow and grow. Gardener poets show us not only “who loves the flowers, but whom the flowers love,” an axiom my grandmother was fond of.

In praise of deft spade and artful tending, virtual blue ribbons for making a garden of their world and a crowd of joyous color all around us. [Centennial, Prospect, Tolman, Hovey, Rocky Neck, Bass Ave and Rockport Rd.] photos: C. Ryan August 2021

The Jam Mondays with Dennis & Joe @Minglewood Harborside ~Guest:Jeff Buckridge opens it up 8pm start! 8.30.2021

Mr. Jeff Buckridge is our 6-stringed guest host tonight for The Jam: Mondays at Minglewood Tavern with Dennis and Joe!!!
We kick off he warm up set with Jeff at 8pm, and at 8:30, it’s YOUR TURN!! Come play, come hang, come be merry!! The Jamily welcomes you!
Minglewood Harborside

25 Rogers Street. Gloucester, MA

Margarita Monday at Topside Grill

During the summer, we like to celebrate Margarita Monday at different establishments around town. The idea is to try new margarita recipes in local places. Last week we went to the Topside Grill on Rogers Street for a late lunch. It was Monday, so………Margarita Monday with the Topside traditional margarita. I had the meatball app and GMG Jim tried the bacon wrapped scallops. Relaxing and delicious. Perfect for a Monday afternoon. Cheers!