Sunday Music Around Town 8.1.2021

Castaways Vintage Cafe ~

Chris Fritz-Grice 12pm Sunday 8.1.2012

63 Rogers St, Gloucester, MA

Blue Collar Lobster Co. ~

Rob Banks and The Money Makers 3-6pm Sunday August 1st

Captain Carlos ~ 

John Jerome 3-6pm

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Drift Cafe ~

Ricky Lauria August 1st 7-10pm At Drift

Drift Cafe ~

Sunday: Daisy Nell, Capt Stan & friends 6- 9pm


Antonio Gentile Bandstand Summer Concerts 2021

August 1, 7pm Martin & Kelly (Country)

Martin & Kelly August 1, 7pm, Antonio Gentile Bandstand, Stage Fort Park, Hough Avenue, Gloucester (rain date Aug 4). Please join us for this terrific Country concert featuring Jilly Martin, Ryan Brooks Kelly and their fantastic band! This free concert will be the third in our summer series. We’ve had a rocky start with lots of postponements so please share this post and bring some friends. The concert is sponsored by Daily Printing and the Gloucester Rotary Club. Parking is free, restrooms are open and ADA accessible. For information please visit or call 978-281-2286

Have a listen click the link below.

GloucesterCast 517 Livestream With Paul Gamber, Jim Capillo, Chris McCarthy, Nichole Schrafft, Scotty Mac, Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Livestreaming 8/1/21

GloucesterCast 517 Livestream With Paul Gamber, Jim Capillo, Chris McCarthy, Nichole Schrafft, Scotty Mac, Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Livestreaming 8/1/21

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Harvey Reservation Trail in Lanesville

The Harvey Reservation trail in Lanesville MIGHT possibly be the shortest trail in the Essex Greenbelt collection of trails but it rivals them all the for views out onto the ocean. At one end is the Lanes Cove or Cove Hill Cemetery and at the other end is Lane’s Cove. It’s a very short and easy walk and along the way you will see granite encased in the pathway. The Cove end has a bench for contemplation or perhaps lunch as you look out over the vast waters. I suggest you check the website for additional interesting background on this area. We’d been intending to get there for a while and this summer has certainly allowed us the opportunity to check it out. Maybe you will too.

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