Stacy Boulevard History Lives On

A few days ago, I posted the photo seen here and many of you correctly guessed its location at the top of the boulevard near the Tavern sign. But I did not see many thoughts on its significance. The date 1924 likely marks the first sidewalk installation, nearly 100 years ago. As you see from this excerpt, our own Stacy Boulevard was conceived to honor the 300th anniversary of the City. As we approach the 400th anniversary celebration, I find it significant that the medallion is still there after nearly a century.

From The Gloucester Guide by Joe Garland and excerpts available online:

The esplanade was conceived by George Stacy when that flamboyant hotel man became park commissioner in 1908, brought to reality on the inspiration of the three hundredth anniversary celebration in 1923, and restored in 1988. To make way for it, Gloucester (which has always had a partiality for moving heavy things around) relocated up in the back streets the houses that crowded the harbor side of Western Avenue. Fill was dumped; a new seawall was made; trees were planted; the esplanade was laid out; the benches were bolted down; and three years before his death in 1928, Mr. Stacy saw his boulevard done, his promise kept.

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