Generous Gardeners, Gloucester, MA – America in Bloom 2021 submission

Generous Gardeners is a volunteer group of gardeners with the mission of beautification of Gloucester Massachusetts with public flower gardens. This video is a submission for a competition sponsored by America in Bloom.

August 2021: Generous Gardeners Nominates the City of Gloucester for Multiple Awards Related to Public City Gardens

For the Outstanding Achievement category, Gloucester is entered for “Flowers,” and in the Special Award Nomination category for “What’s Old Is New Again – Best Adaptive Reuse Project,” Gloucester is entered for the renovation of the Elizabeth Gorden Smith Gardens on Stacy Boulevard.

In a special category for the “All American Selection Show Gardens,” we have entered the beds at the Keith Trefry Memorial Park at the entrance to Rocky Neck and the granite beds at the tennis courts on Stacy Boulevard.

For the final entry, Generous Gardeners has entered a very special drone YouTube video about Gloucester. The video centers on our city, Generous Gardeners, and the 2020 America in Bloom Awards when Gloucester won two Outstanding Achievement awards for “Flowers” and “Community Involvement.”

The YouTube video is available above and features narration by Generous Gardener, Hazel Watkinson. The script was written by Judy Caulkett, Hazel Watkinson, and Cyndi Deal, and the video was created by Sean O’Laughlin. We hope you enjoy the video and feel as proud as we do of our wonderful city.

Check out generous Gardeners Website Here-

Generous Gardeners

One thought on “Generous Gardeners, Gloucester, MA – America in Bloom 2021 submission

  1. I recently made my first vacation trip to Gloucester from Humboldt County, California and was amazed by all the beautiful and well maintained flower gardens! It made my daily walks along the beach and around town so much more enjoyable! THANK YOU GARDENERS for an outstanding job!!! I’m eagerly planning my next visit🤩


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