Bar Harbor vs Glosta

I took a long weekend in Bar Harbor for a foliage photography workshop in the Acadia National Park. As we were ferried around the area, I couldn’t help but notice how many similarities there seemed to be between Cape Ann and the Bar Harbor area. I think you will see that in the pictures that follow.

Each area is popular with visitors; each features fishing/lobstering; each is surrounded on all sides by water. Nearly immediately, however, I could see that their personalities are very different even as they hold their own unique charms. The “working waterfront” that the instructor thought was picturesque enough for its own photo shoot didn’t hold a candle to the rugged Glosta docks. (One bonus was the distinct lack of fish smell at this particular working dock, although I confess to kind of missing it.) The ocean was slamming against the giant rocks, giving the other participants (land-bound in their hometowns) quite a thrill. I was thinking how I’d just had my own storm wave photo shoot which included Good Harbor…….eh, Maine…I’ve seen better.

BUT the foliage was just glorious: rich reds, blazing oranges, glowing yellow at every turn. What a visual treat! I would return. But I’m not eating their lobster…..

2 thoughts on “Bar Harbor vs Glosta

  1. Okay now, THIS is a made-to-order calendar if ever there was one! Gorgeous and iconic fall perfection. Let us know when the calendar is ready to ship. 😉 Seriously though. Let us know. 😀


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