Boat House Grille in Essex

I stopped at the Boat House Grille in Essex at the end of a VERY long ride home from Maine on Monday. Note to self: avoid long road trips on a holiday weekend…..anyhow, the Boat House was a welcome sight so I stopped in. Oddly enough, it made the second night on a row I had dinner at a restaurant which labels the bathrooms Inboard and Outboard. Lucky for me and other clueless patrons, at least the Boat House was nice enough to add an M on the Outboard sign as well as a W on the Inboard sign. Not true of the Geddes Restaurant in Bar Harbor……enough said about that…..

Another genius move by the Boat House are the table lights to assist those of us over the age of 40 or so. Wonderful service was provided by Lisa and I was very satisfied with my sandwich and drink.

One thought on “Boat House Grille in Essex

  1. That light is fantastic! I wish all restaurants that people over 40 go to (aka all restaurants) had them! That rueben looks good too!


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