Once a week Charlotte and I stop by Russell Orchards for their wonderfully fresh fruit; peaches and plums a month ago, and currently, a grand selection of apples, along with several varieties of pears. We are also addicted to their fresh eggs, red potatoes, cider, a variety of home grown veggies, and my family’s favorite, the original and simply the best apple cider doughnuts.

Much to Charlotte’s disappointment, Daryl is usually asleep. Wake-up, wake-up she calls, but to no avail. Daryl snores dreamily on. But after many, many wake-up attempts, this time she awoke from her darkened corner. Daryl walked toward Charlotte (actually, towards her water bowl, both in the same direction) for a quick slurp, then outdoors to her pigsty to closely examine her food bowl. Out the barn door we raced to hopefully catch a second glimpse. Daryl turned around once in her pen then shuffled indoors to return to her shady corner in the barn, falling fast back to piggy dreamland, but not before emitting some deep throated classically hoggish snorts and grunts. This was enough activity to endear Daryl to Charlotte forever.

The little Billy Goat Sweet (I would write Gruff, but he really is very sweet and Patient) is much more fun. Here he is getting his ears examined and in the next photo, she is showing him how to button a coat.

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