Phyllis A Marine Association

6 thoughts on “Phyllis A Marine Association

  1. Great traditions and history here Donna thanks for sharing I remember seeing something on line here before (1910-1938)! May have the link in folder somewhere… 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


      1. You are most welcome! Have a great week! We are going over the century mark today with heat feel like one of those grills and rising :-O Dave & Kim :-O Last time it was this hot was summer of 1994!

        Small quoted portion from source link above…

        nterior and Safety Minister Kim Boo-kyum also called for all administrative efforts to be put toward protecting those vulnerable to the hot weather, such as the elderly and said the ministry will designate special agents to check on them.

        The minister also ordered active promotion of a campaign which recommends people call their parents to check how they are doing and talk to them about preventing heat-related problems.

        Regional governments are also moving to check their heat-related policies, including Seoul which operates daytime heat shelters with air conditioning and monitoring of homeless in public areas.


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