Save the Date all you history buffs

Battle of Gloucester


Event Information is as follows:

 Event:  Battle of Gloucester (August 8, 1775)

 Date/Time:  Saturday August 11, 2018 9am to 1pm

 Location: Gloucester Harbor, Pavilion Beach (Gloucester, MA)

 Scenario:  Authentic pinky schooners of the period will transport British troops into the harbor, troops will transfer to small boats and row into shore in two separate troop movements. The reenactment will be conducted in four parts.

Part 1:  HMS Falcon with captured prize schooner following will chase fleeing schooner into Gloucester Harbor. Fleeing schooner will ground itself on Pavilion Beach and crew will abandon ship. HMS Falcon and prize schooner will anchor off Ten Pound Island. British Troops will row in small boats into Pavilion Beach to board and capture grounded schooner. Colonial militia troops will ambush British troops attempting to capture schooner from nearby fort (playground) at east end of beach.

Part 2:  Capt. Linzee of HMS Falcon realizing his men have been ambushed, attempts a diversion to relieve pressure on his men by having Falcon cannonade the town of Gloucester from the harbor with the aim of setting the town on fire, allowing his men to escape the ambush and row back to the Falcon.

Part 3:  With the failure of the cannon bombardment to set the town on fire, Linzee orders British troops with torches, to land in small boats on west end of Pavilion Beach near Stacey Boulevard to set fish flakes (stages) and buildings of the town on fire by torch. There will be a brief exchange of fire with Colonial militia who are lying in wait to ambush.  British troops will then surrender.

Part 4:  Crewmen of captured prize schooner will revolt and combine with impressed seamen of British prize crew and sail away. Canon volleys may be exchanged between vessels.

15 thoughts on “Save the Date all you history buffs

  1. Thanks Donna – told my friend from here who is visiting that way to get back down to the island for Schooner’s and will pass this to him as well! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 Should also stop by and see Joey again too got a great deal on lobsta last time visited…-)


  2. Donna – I just shared this with other members of the Linzee Family Association, several of whom will be there for the event. Is there any other internet site with additional info. about this event? My father (John W. Linzee & direct descendent of Capt. Linzee , together with my two brothers , John W. and Kendall participated in the August 1975 reenactment of the Battle of Gloucester. Kendall will be there on August 11th.


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