We collecting tampons Yo! 

Period Partners is a local donation drive to provide menstrual products to local shelters, and we could use your help.

Homeless shelters, food pantries, and prisons rarely have adequate supplies of tampons or pads to meet the needs of the populations they serve. As a result, when people get their periods, they often resort to unsanitary practices, such as using socks or layers of paper bags. Because it’s something we rarely talk about, people don’t often think to donate these items. Access to menstrual hygiene products is a basic survival need, but for many people in America this need goes unmet.

Our goal is to provide Wellspring, the Action shelter and the Grace Center with enough supplies to meet the needs of their clients for one year.

You can drop feminine hygiene products off at Captain Joe’s, or send in a check made out to Period Partners. THANK YOU for your help!


7 thoughts on “We collecting tampons Yo! 

    1. Love this idea! I’m looking for more information on the Women’s Equality Cape Ann Meeting – where can I find more info? Thank you in advance!


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