I changed out my headlights and so far nothing Has Blown up! *FistPump*


To most men this is not a big deal.  But when you are as inept with tools as I am, It’s a moral victory that I managed to pull out the headlight assembly to change out the blown headlight and replace it with a nicer bulb without having to bring it in to the service station(or blow up my vehicle).

The stock bulbs that came on my 2013 Toyota Tundra have 3000K of brightness and these Philips CrystalVision ultras that I got on Amazon have 4000 K of brightness.

Here’s the link to where to buy them on Amazon (there’s a guide to purchasing the right bulbs for your vehicle).

Thanks to Frank Ciolino who had the 10mm socket wrench and came to the dock for moral support!

My new headlights work!



5 thoughts on “I changed out my headlights and so far nothing Has Blown up! *FistPump*

  1. Congrats on the switch out, Joey. But the 4000K doesn’t refer to the brightness, it’s actually the color expressed as a temperature, the K is for degrees Kelvin. They will be whiter and bluer than your old 3000K ones. They might be brighter too, but that will probably be expressed in lumens.


  2. You didn’t need me at all. You had it pretty much wrapped up when I got there. Some cars are so easy and some you have to take half the car apart just to get the the bulb. I always look on YouTube and watch a video first. It makes life easier. Good job Joey!


  3. Oh my ~ perhaps an old women ~ such as myself ~ should not be responding regarding this subject ~ however, the song “Blinded By The Lights” comes to mind. Since I have read every GMG post you have written over the past several years, I feel assured you did your homework.


  4. Update I did notice last night walking home some of the vehicles this way have LED lights on a Ring around headlines and tail lights and bright. But then again this is another country and allowed for now…Most states have laws on vehicles for lights especially blue or red flashing types used in law enforcement!

    They are legislative and DMV – US DOT…The laws and rules! But beats no lights here they turn them off when at intersections other than running at times. And when take off from intersection forget to turn back on some have a habit of driving with no lights too :-O And there may be other reasons for that we leave out of this for now! Dave


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