Gloucester schools consolidation: public discussion update Monday at Veterans Elementary 6:30PM

The School Committee’s consolidation concept was approved for next steps. From the Gloucester Daily Times announcement for the next two meetings“The plan calls for consolidating East Gloucester and Veterans Memorial schools into a new building, likely on a 43-acre site in Swinson’s Field and The Pines or — after more recent talks — on an extended site around the current East Gloucester School and extending down to East Main Street.”

EGS and Veterans Memorial Consolidation Public Forum: Monday October 17

Ward 1,  @Veterans Elementary, 6:30PM

School Committee with City Council: Tuesday, October 18

O’Maley Innovation Library, 7pm, “Not a public hearing. Workshop to glean needed financial and other information for future school building plans. Discussion will include presentations on school needs and on city financial projections.”




Questions and comments swirled from the meeting at East Gloucester Elementary school. The Scaling Up conference brought to mind further points of discussion.

Some topics all sides: the budget; swing space; use existing footprints; build one at a time; build all at once; Swinson’s Field and The Pines; design; wildlife; waterways; traffic patterns (East Main after school gets out is “mightily backed up”); the possible historic designation of Rocky Neck; Gloucester’s Green Community designation; Get Fit walk to school movement; Tiny House Tiny Community; small schools increase property values; small schools and learning environments; Smartgrowth; Why So Big? Rethinking design concepts and sustainable community development; experience; big school will save money; big schools can feel small; the state is paying so much, but not for long; all kids deserve what West Parish students get; etc.



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