@WeberGrills Performer Rescue/Restores To Date #weberkettleclub

Northeast BBQ

April ‘16

2009 Black 2nd Generation DE Code





April ‘16

1998 Green 1st Generation EZ Code (James Eves Has This One Now)



After James’ Cleaning


April ‘16

2010 Red Brick 3rd Generation AD Code





July ‘16

1997 Green 1st Generation EI Code





September ‘16

2001 Green 1st Generation DA Code





October ‘16

2006 Green 2nd Generation





Much of the blame for the obsessive hobby of finding and cleaning up old Beautiful Weber Grills can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the founders and members of the Weber Kettle Club

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poison-ivy-vine-in-fall-toxicodendron-radicans-copyright-kim-smithPoison Ivy Run Amok

Oh how pretty! Doesn’t this bucolic scene look interesting? I had to stop and take a photo. And then began to walk toward, wanting a closer look, before catching myself. If poison ivy even looks at me, or I look at it, that most unpleasant of itchy rashes finds a home on my person.

Poison ivy is in full glorious color right now, dissipating in shades of golden yellow, tangerine, and crimson scarlet. The oils found in the foliage and stems are just as potent at this time of year as they are during the summer months.

poison-ivy-in-autumn-toxicodendron-radicans-copyright-kim-smithLeaves of three, let it be, 

Berries white, run in fright,

Red hairy vine, no friend of mine!

Cape Ann shores and meadows are rife with poison ivy and the best defense is to recognize the leaves and wear protective clothing. Not a plant one desires for the home garden, it is an important bee and bird food. The flowers provide nectar for pollinators in the spring and the small white berries are a winter staple for our some of our most beloved songbirds, including American Robins, Northern Cardinals, and Mockingbirds.



From a post on Tony’s website:

drydockafterhours-1000x675Painting of a Boat in Drydock

It’s funny, but I’m not sure whether to consider this a landscape, seascape or “nautical”.  Certainly the theme is nautical. There are no sea or land elements in the painting, but there is a boat – so I guess it’s a nautical!
I was able to enjoy four days of painting in the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts recently.  Cape Ann includes the picturesque shore towns of Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester-by-the-Sea and Annisquam.  It’s one of my favorite places and one of my favorite places to paint.  One evening, my friend and fellow painter John Caggiano and I set out for the Gloucester Marine Railways. It’s an odd name for a ship repair and drydock company, which is what it really is.  But whatever it is named, it is a great place to paint since there are always a variety of boats up for repair.

The Phyllis A

One boat in particular is the “Phyllis A“.  It is Gloucester’s oldest fishing vessel and has been preserved to promote the history of gill-net fishing in Gloucester. Visit the website for the Phyllis A here – and donate to the cause if you have a mind. I’ve seen it a number of times while visiting the shipyard.  Although it actually spends a great deal of time in the water, I happen to have seen it out of the water, in drydock, three times in the last three years. This sketch was done in July 2012, up in the very same drydock as the painting shown above. The sketch was actually done in the morning, while this latest painting was done in the evening.

As an old boat, it is in constant need of repair, and is also in the process of restoration, so it spends a lot of time in drydock, I suppose.

The latest painting

We visited the yard one evening and set up with the light disappearing rapidly – more rapidly than we had anticipated.  The Phyllis A was up in drydock and in the exact same place as I found her in July 2012.  There was another boat – a modern fishing boat – up in the dock next door.

The sun was sinking in the sky but still shining on most of the yard.  I set up in the shadow of a crane so that I had a good view of the Phyllis A and it’s mate in the next dock, but on their shady sides. The sun was just catching the front edge of the cabin and the roof over hang cast a shadow across the side. Most of the rest of the boat was in shade, as was the stern of the fishing boat which can be seen on the left in the painting.  With slanting light from the low sun, and my vantage point, it was possible to sense the color temperature differences between shady areas and areas lit directly and indirectly by late evening sun. In the painting, the contrasts were enhanced by pushing temperature differences.  The lit areas were painted in warm colors, and shade areas in cool, enhancing the sense of late evening light.7_11_12_thephyllisaindrydock_gloucesterma

To learn more about Tony and his paintings, visit his website here.

If you see one of our visiting artists painting in a public location, say hello and welcome them to Cape Ann. The artists will be here through Sunday. Listen to Sunday’s podcast to learn more about Cape Ann Plein Air event and visit their facebook page here for the most up to date information as well as information about all the fantastic events associated with the festival. Today, Tony Connor and Carol Arnold were both painting in our neighborhood!


carol-arnold-cape-ann-plein-air-copyright-kim-smithIf you see one of our visiting artists painting in a public location, say hello and welcome them to Cape Ann. The artists will be here through Sunday. Listen to Sunday’s podcast to learn more about Cape Ann Plein Air event and visit their facebook page here for the most up to date information as well as information about all the fantastic events associated with the festival. Today, Carol Arnold and Tony Connor were both painting in our neighborhood!

About Carol

Carol was first inspired to become a painter when as a child she became fascinated by the plein air painters her family encountered on vacations in seaside Gloucester, Massachusetts. After graduating from Vesper George School of art in Boston, Arnold spent several years working in the commercial art field before turning her attention fully to fine art painting. She is currently a member of Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik’s Putney Painters located in Putney, Vermont. Arnold’s work, executed primarily from life, has been steadily winning recognition, including taking the First Honor award at the Inspiring Figures Exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art in October of 2010. She won an Honorable Mention at the Portrait Society of America’s Members only competition in December of 2010, in April of 2011 she was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the Portrait Society of America’s International Portrait Competition and another Certificate of Excellence award in May of 2012. To see more of Carol’s work, visit her website at www.carolarnoldfineart.com

Recent achievements:

2016   First prize at the Laumeister Fine Art competition at the Bennington Center for the Arts.

2013    Southwest Art Magazine Award of Excellence at the American Women Artists National Juried Competition


Busy day in Magnolia on Saturday October 15th.

Indoor Farmers’ Market at the Magnolia Library from 10-2 and

Calling all vendors!!! October 15, 10-2 the MLCC we’ll be hosting an INDOOR farmers market in our Jones Hall! If you’ve been to our Magnolia Farmers Markets on Lexington Ave, picture that, but at tables in our hall. So far we only have a handful of committed tables and we’d love to fill the room with local foods, flavors, arts, crafts, gifts, and offerings of all kinds! Message us here to inquire about space, we’d love to welcome you to Magnolia!

Full Moon Auction at the Magnolia Historical Society 46 Magnolia Avenue.


Gravy Sundays at Tonno Restaurant

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As a kid I remember going to my Grandmothers and eating great home cooked meals.  Lasagna, chicken cutlets, homemade pastas, zeppoli, fried eggplant with tomato.  She always called it Gravy, other families know it as sauce.  Whatever you may call it we hope you come by and give ours a try.  We know it wont be as good as your grandmothers, but hopefully it will stir those old memories up of sitting around the table, sipping wine and talking about family.  Starting this Sunday we will be featuring some good old fashioned Italian-American cooking.  So join us for Gravy Sunday, every Sunday.

10/16                                                                                                …

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Expanded Hours at Saltwater Massage Studio and a Discount for New Clients

More Cape Ann Wellness News-

Cape Ann Wellness

At Saltwater Massage Studio, our mission is provide the highest quality massage therapy that reduces pain, eases stress, and allows for a deeply relaxing experience that makes you feel like you’ve just woken up from a really good dream.  Our goal is to make scheduling as convenient as possible and to be the #1 place on Cape Ann you can count on for a great therapeutic massage and relief from the pain and stress of your day-to-day life. We are now officially a team of 5 and are now able to offer more scheduling options than ever.

So whether you see Gretchen, Heather, Grace, Jamee or Justin, you know that you can count on getting a great therapeutic massage that is both deeply relaxing and addresses your pain and discomfort with deep tissue massage and neuromuscular therapy.  We also offer prenatal massage and therapeutic hot stone massage.

This month we…

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