Grab your family or a group for a super fun custom tour at Cape Ann Museum: #CAMoffthewall

Kate LaChance of the Cape Ann Museum sent in a few photos from new options for touring the collection.

Do you have summer guests who may not be regular museum-goers? Do you love museum tours, but would like to connect with the collections at a different level? This new tour may be for you. Designed for groups of 6 to 14 people, ages 10 and beyond, the CAM Off the Wall Tour challenges its participants to problem solve, to act out, to use their imaginations, and even to photograph works in the Museum. Similar to a standard tour, a trained guide will lead participants to particular works of art and artifacts, but unlike the standard tour, participants will be assigned an activity at each stop. This is not so much a guided tour as a personal adventure through the Museum. Call ahead to organize an Off the Wall Tour for your family or group. Remember to bring a smart phone or digital camera, and of course, a sense of humor! For more information email or call (978)283-0455 x12.





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