A LOT of Hockey was Played!

Thanks to the large number of fans who made a point to stop by and watch some fantastic hockey get played over the course of the weekend.  I even spotted the Mayor in the crowd at one point!

The Sal Grasso Memorial Westmount Friendship Tournament was a huge success…and not just because Cape Ann won.  Although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that fact helps. If that sounds mean, check out the photo below that clearly shows that Westmount has been victorious a painful 18 out of 22 years…with Cape Ann only keeping the trophy safe for four.  But, not this year!  Because it is a friendship tournament and we have nothing but respect for Westmount and our long-standing friendship with them, I will simply state the facts.  At the end of the 24 games of play this weekend, Cape Ann hung up their skates with 16 wins, 4 losses, and 4 ties.

MUCH more important than the final tally is the fact that some friendly and topnotch hockey was played.  Cape Ann teams clocked serious hours at the rink to support other teams (as did their Canadian counterparts for sure), players shook hands, hugged, cheered, and stood quiet and still while each other’s National Anthems were played at the beginning of each and every game.

And, while the children were blissfully unaware, it was impossible to keep Paris, France out of one’s thoughts as our anthems played on…while chaos was simultaneously unfolding across the Atlantic.  Likewise, with hands on hearts every 60 minutes or so all day long on Saturday, it was hard not to think of the hearts that were breaking across the way.

This tournament is about friendship…about camaraderie…about respect…and some healthy competition.  Shared between two communities far, far away from each other, who share a passion for a sport.

While I have hundreds of action shots from the weekend… it is shots like these that summarize what the weekend was all about.

Congratulations to ALL of the players!  While you thought you were just playing hockey this weekend…you showed us much, much more.

Image 1 (1)

Image 1 Image Image 2

One thought on “A LOT of Hockey was Played!

  1. Thank you.
    This is the only reporting on the three days of hockey at O’Maley between Cape Ann and Quebec children that I have seen. Perhaps a Quebec newspaper will cover it.
    It was quite a show but I missed some games (there must have been ten or more) and only saw the final scores.
    What fun it was not only for the kids from both countries but for parents and grandparents
    and of course our mayor 🙂


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