Finnish Researcher – Kristi Salmi-Niklander


IMG_4843 (2)Deanie Hancock French showed Kristi our wonderful exhibits and art of the Finnish at the Cape Ann Museum .

Kristi is in the US performing research on the Finnish, she visited Rockport and the Cape Ann Museum. See Video below:IMG_4837

Finnish 001David Cox and I are also in the process of publishing our own research which we will be shared with Kristi on the Finnish People in Gloucester. Frank Cox, David’s father wrote several papers for the WPA (Work Project Administration) in 1938.


3 thoughts on “Finnish Researcher – Kristi Salmi-Niklander

  1. Hei. Setäni muutti USA:aan 1911 ja kuoli Glousesterissa 1961. Hänen elämästään amerikoissa ei meillä täällä Suomessa ole mitään tietoa.
    Mikä olisi paikka josta voisin tietoa saada. Käytti nimeä John Kastner, ( Karttonen )


    1. Translation for our English speaking Readers:

      Hello. My uncle moved to the USA in 1911 and died in 1961. His life Glousesterissa in the Americas can not we do not have any knowledge of Finland.
      What should be a place where I could get the information . Used the name John Kastner , ( Karttonen


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