Breakfast with Joey? What the Winners can expect-

Joey’s a great Guy always giving up his free time for a good cause. Such as this Friday’s auction for the East Gloucester Elementary School. He’s agreed to be a “prize”. You can win Breakfast with him at Sailor Stans!

This probably sounded like a great idea:  Having Breakfast with Joey of GMG.

Just think of all the great conversation you could have with someone so connected to this great City!

But the winners are in for a surprise. I know from experience that joey does’nt talk much when he’s eating. Also watch your fingers when reaching for the last piece of Bacon. It could be a big mistake.

But there is a good side to this story. You can have a great breakfast at Sailor Stans;


Your going to need it.

 Edited by Joey-

I took out a disgusting video that mr bananahead decided to post.  Damn it Paulie.  I just finished dinner and am thoughrouly grossed out by I just witnessed.  I normally have a pretty strong stomach but I honestly feel sick to my stomach right now.

“YEAH RIGHT! This from the Guy who sponsored the Infamous CORN DOG Challenge.” 

Mr. Bananahead

10 thoughts on “Breakfast with Joey? What the Winners can expect-

  1. Love Sailor Stans. We go for breakfast on Sundays with our friends the Hallets after Mass at St. Anthony’s By the Sea.


  2. Yeah, at a young age Joey learned from one of the finest kind how best to maximize your time at the breakfast table at Sailor Stan’s. Cheers to that lesson learned and remembered. I’ll leave it up to Joey to explain. We can all learn from those “depression era” folks.


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